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Author: admin, 16.10.2013
Cardio (see exercise plan) is going to strip fat from your belly and this core workout is going to make sure that by the time you lose that belly, your waist wont just be smaller, but your abs super toned with awesome definition. These eight moves target your entire core from all angles with a variety of exercises that challenge your stability, balance, and rotational strength for strong, sculpted abs.
To control the difficultly of this exercise, just change distance you roll the ball away from your body.

Start in push-up plank position with your shins on a stability ball and your palms on the floor. Lie with your lower back on an exercise ball, your feet flat on the floor and put your hands by your temples. Hi Lucile, when you finish one exercise program, you can go to the next one and start where you left off.

As after 3 months, your body will become used to them and you’ll need to change the exercises to keep it challenging and keep burning calories and increasing fitness!

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