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Author: admin, 28.06.2015
Proven to achieve sustainable weight loss, individually tailored LIFESTYLE CHANGE programme. You might have tried numerous diets such as low fat, low GI, Atkins, Hollywood, Cambridge weekly weight loss groups, diet pills and many, many more.
It took you a long time to put the weight on, therefore it will take a time to break your old habits and have your new slimmer body for the rest of your life. Permanent weight loss depends on numerous factors, the 3 key factors being: change of your “internal dialog”, a natural adjustment of your appetite regulating hormones and an individually tailored lifestyle programme. The ACE diets weight loss clinic will not provide you with another fad diet, but a clinically proven sustained individually tailored LIFESTYLE CHANGE programme.
At the first appointment, our Dietitian will help you to formulate your weight loss goals and other lifestyle related goals.

This data can be analysed using nutritional analysis software to assess your current energy intake and adequacy of macro and micro nutrients in your diet. Prior to starting a group programme you will be seen individually by a specialist Dietitian. For example, some groups may be more interested in nutritional topics, whereas others might like to receive more help with the behavioral aspects of eating.
The length of the support will depend on your individual progress, but you may require a longer time to achieve a permanent weight loss. The real change will start once you will genuinely start to believe that you have what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. For example, your appetite regulating hormones such as gherlin, for example, will initially work against your best efforts to eat less by making you extremely hungry.

During the initial consultation the Dietitian will compile a comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle and health which will help to design your Individual Diet Plan (IDP).
The problem is that these specialist fad diets usually don’t do anything to help you to learn how to manage your weight for life.

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