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Author: admin, 23.02.2014
We have a discounted monthly rate for our fitness & triathlon students that are wanting to train 1+ months in Thailand. Phromthep Muay Thai Camp opened (STAGE 1 ) of the NEW Muay Thai training area on 5th November 2009. In short, he convinced me, his words have given me peace of mind, the site has inspired me immediately trust, is normal at my age to be a little suspicious for the bad experiences of the life sometimes at very expensive price and especially in Thailand. With great patience he coordinates the whole team, trainers, the kitchen staff and the others, a very well organized camp, I have seen many come here from all parts of the world and almost everybody is satisfied, of course, there is always someone unsatisfied thinking that the coaches should teach only the techniques and do not get you sweat to the pads, (Yeah, but then why do not you get a book on Muay Thai, or rather a DVD I say!!!).

Christian try several times to put these characters on the right path, but someone of them is just sunk, and at that point remains the only advise to find other places for train, I never seen a person so committed to others like him, yes here you have to pay but I can assure you that for him the most important are the results obtained by each of us and the well-being of everyone who lives in his camp, I was not easy to manage, I must admit, at my age, a bit my rebellious nature, I must say that the poor Christian had an awkward one, but I can assure you that with his commitment he truly arrived where he wanted and even where I wanted. Shifu Prabhakar Reddy is a Trained Muay Thai Training in Thai Boxing Mother Land  in THAILAND. Tiger’s fitness and weight-loss training program is uniquely designed to help you burn the maximum amount of fat. The Tiger Grill offers a full menu of healthy weight-loss options including a great variety of fresh vegetables, locally sourced fruits, lean meats and a variety of super-food supplements.

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