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The art of cooking vegetables is to retain maximum possible nutrients and to produce a pleasing taste and texture. Before cooking, vegetables need to be prepared by washing, peeling, slicing or podding to clean them and remove tough or inedible parts. Test that vegetables are cooked through by pricking them with the point of a sharp knife or a skewer. Leafy vegetables, beans and peas: use a minimum amount of water with ? teaspoon of salt added per 300ml so that vegetables part steam. Root vegetables: add just enough cold salted water to cover, bring to the boil, then simmer for 10-20 minutes. Good for soft-fleshed vegetables such as mushrooms, aubergines and tomatoes, and for courgettes, peppers and celery. Root vegetables, whole french beans and thick-stemmed vegetables such as broccoli are best parboiled (partly cooked by boiling) before being shallow fried. Good for a wide range of vegetables, including root vegetables, onions, garlic, peppers, squashes and courgettes. Appreciate this informative guide, sick of boiling vegetables and losing all the goodness and making them mushy and not hard, this will help.

Below are some of the other recipes I found in my old cookbooks, starting with Zucchini Bread.
This delicious recipe yields a chicken with a dark, crispy crust as well as flavorful root vegetables. Many people think they don't like beets because all they've ever had are canned or poorly cooked beets.
Stir in red wine, using a wooden spoon to scrape all cooked bits of food off the bottom of the pan. Incorporating root vegetables into your meal rotation is a great way to use affordable local and seasonal ingredients. Many vegetables are best cooked al dente; the exceptions are potatoes and root vegetables such as parsnips and swedes, which should be tender but firm.
Never overcook green vegetables – not only do they go mushy but brassicas such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts take on an unpleasant, sulphurous taste.
Use olive oil or other vegetable oil, with a little butter added if desired, heated in a wide heavy-based pan. Vegetables, which may be coated in batter or egg and breadcrumbs, are immersed in hot vegetable oil and fried quickly.

I already grated and froze some, and I made sliced fried Zucchini every day for 2 weeks, then I got a hold of a Zucchini Waffles recipe, and made some of those for us and the neighbors.
Some root vegetables, such as carrots, make a regular appearance on most dinner tables, while others are often overlooked. Using a garlic press, press one clove of garlic over the vegetables, tossing to combine well.
But finding time to spend with friends can become difficult when you get older and are consumed by real world cook schedules. Although many people shy away from root vegetables, they make a delicious addition to your meals with the proper cooking techniques. You can roast root vegetables by themselves, in conjunction with other root vegetables, or alongside a roast, chicken, or turkey.

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