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Author: admin, 09.09.2013
Note 1: Synthetics are so much cheaper that commercially they have actually replaced most crystallines.
Note 2: Legally a crystalline can be called natural because it was isolated from a natural product, but it is not natural as herein described. Disclaimer: The contents herein (of this website) are based upon over 65 years of experience with Cleansing, Natural Whole Food Supplements and Detoxification Products. Billions are being spent annually and most of the purchasers, jobbers, wholesalers, retailers or direct to the consumer salesmen do not know the difference between a SYNTHETIC, a CRYSTALLINE or a truly NATURAL vitamin. They carry their own Synergists (minerals, mineral activators, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, etc.), all closely balanced and bound together by Nature. They are "alive" and ready to function without chemically upsetting Nature's delicate balance in the human body.

The crystalline may have a slight advantage in that it is difficult to reduce any natural product to an absolutely pure state and some "impurities" might be naturally occurring thus giving a little added value to the Crystalline over the Synthetic.
This means that to get higher than normal potency NATURAL VITAMINS MUST BE CONSUMED IN GREATER QUANTITY. On the label for either Synthetic or Crystalline only the chemical name of the single vitamin is usually given.
Synthetic and Crystalline vitamins lend themselves to high potency concentrations in a few small pills. Legally it is not necessary to give the source from which the synthetic chemical is derived.
Finally, Naturals are much more expensive because they are perishable and every precaution must be taken to preserve their life and integrity.

Synthetics are mostly "dead", inert, cheaper and present much less expensive handling problems. All labels of truly NATURAL food concentrates should indicate the exact food source from which a vitamin is obtained.

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