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Vitamin E oil has powerful antioxidant properties (1) that make it highly effective in treating various skin conditions including acne. For some people, acne can be caused by allergic reactions to certain fabrics or detergents.
No matter what has caused your acne or pimple outbreak, you can treat it effectively with Vitamin E oil. As mentioned, a great way to get Vitamin E is to include foods that are rich in it in your diet. There have also been studies telling that topical use of Vitamin E oil can cause dermatitis, which is a condition in which the skin becomes irritated and red after coming in direct contact with a substance. As you can see, Vitamin E oil can be used in a number of ways to effectively treat acne and pimples. If you are a vegan or are planning to practice vegetarianism, then increasing the regular intake of Vitamin B12 is a must for you. Other vegan sources of Vitamin B12 are vegan mayonnaise, tempeh, coconut milk, soy milk, nutritional yeast, almond milk, vanilla ice cream, etc. While we try using various methods that promise to aid hair growth, most often these fail to show any effective results.
If you are looking to enhance and improve the quality and health of your hair from the inside, the best way is to ensure you get a proper dose of the required nutrients.
Inadequate amount of Vitamin B-12 or other various Vitamin B foods may lead to thinning of hair, loss of hair and stunted hair growth.
If there is a sudden change in hair condition, the dosage of the vitamins should be consulted with a medical practitioner.
If you too are suffering from hair problems and would like to enhance the health and beauty of your hair, try out these nutritious food choices today. Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol is the only vitamin that is manufactured by the human body itself when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Though vitamin D3 can be obtained from sunshine, there are several foods which are good sources of this vitamin. The fear of skin cancer and sun tan forces us to use sunscreen before venturing out in the sunlight.
According to the National Institute of Health, the highest source of vitamin D3 is fish and fish products like cod liver oil. Though vitamin D3 deficiency can affect anyone, there are certain people who are at a greater risk of suffering from this deficiency.
Vitamin D3 deficiency should not be taken lightly as it leads to a host of other health problems. Vitamin D3 deficiency is quite common in older adults and can cause several psychiatric and neurological disorders. Vitamin D3 is known for its ability to improve bone health as well as the health of the musculoskeletal system.
Anyone can suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency and it can lead to long term health problems when left untreated. Getting adequate exposure to sunlight is the most effective way of raising your vitamin D3 levels. The post Vitamin D3 Deficiency – What Is It, Causes, Symptoms, Diseases & Treatments with your friends below. Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Vegetarian Diet- Those who follow a strict vegetarian are at a greater risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency.
The best and natural way to get Vitamin B12 back in your body is to eat foods that contain it.
Make sure you have enough Vitamin B12 in your diet and say goodbye to weight loss instantly! Vitamin D, the sunlight vitamin is so called because our bodies produce Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun.
The sun being the major source of Vitamin D, it’s a tragedy that our sunscreens have done a great job in scaring people out of the sun. Deficiency of Vitamin D was once thought only to influence bone-related diseases like rickets and osteoporosis. Research shows that boosting Vitamin D levels in the body can help obese people lose weight and normal people stay healthy. Vitamin B2, known popularly as Riboflavin, is quintessential for the human body and performs a myriad of functions. While there are several nutritional supplements available in the market that will help you to meet the daily vitamin B2 requirement, there are a number natural foods that are surprisingly rich in vitamin B2. Almonds are a great source of vitamin B2 with 28 grams of this healthy nut giving 0.28 mg of Riboflavin, which is about 17% of the RDA. Green leafy vegetable such as spinach, fenugreek leaves, asparagus, drumstick leaves, and beet greens are excellent sources of vitamin B2. Milk not only provides calcium to keep the bones healthy but is a good source of vitamin B2 too. Soya is known as one of the healthiest foods which can be consumed by both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. In addition to being a good source of a number of essential vitamins and antioxidants, broccoli is also a warehouse of vitamin B2.
The post Top 10 Vitamin B2 Rich Foods You Should Include In Your Diet with your friends below.
And here again we another reason establishing the utmost importance of vitamin consumption in the right amounts! Known more commonly as Amygdalin, this anti-cancerous vitamin is a member of the Vitamin B-complex family. The anti-hypertensive properties of this vitamin help in keeping the blood pressure levels under control, which in turns help thwart off various cardiovascular diseases. If you do a Google search on Vitamin B17, many results that pop up contain a word called laetrile, which is used as a synonym for this vitamin.
Berries – including raspberry, strawberry, currants, cranberry, and blackberry – contain admirable quantities of this anti-cancerous vitamin. While there are no evidences that show Vitamin B 17 affecting pregnant and breastfeeding women negatively, please do check with your gynecologist before you consume any of these foods to avoid allergic reactions.
Foods like almonds, beans, broccoli, peanuts, hazelnuts, sweet potatoes, yams, wheat germ, raw honey and sunflower seeds are rich in this vital nutrient. You will also find it in a capsule form if you want to take this beneficial oil internally.

The recommended daily allowance or RDA is slightly more than 22 IU for adults (4); however, it is commonly sold in dosages that are much higher.
A little deficiency of Vitamin B12 could lead to several side effects such as fatigue, stress, depression, anemia etc. This vitamin is derived from 7-dehydrocholesterol but it is converted into 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 or Calcitriol by the liver and kidneys. Since this vitamin is rare in food sources, most of the people fail to get the recommended dose of vitamin D3. At least 15 minutes exposure to sunlight is recommended to get the required amount of vitamin D3. As we age, our body becomes less equipped to produce sufficient quantities of vitamin D3.Older people require greater amounts of this vitamin due to age related decline in kidney function. This deficiency is responsible for low mood and impaired cognitive performance including Alzheimer’s disease. Deficiency of this vitamin causes Osteopenia and triggers Osteoporosis, leading to a painful bone disease known as Osteomalacia.
According to the latest studies, low levels of vitamin D3 contributed to the development of chronic low back pain in women. Certain studies have observed that people who mostly stay indoors have inadequate levels of vitamin D3 and often suffer from hair loss.
Low blood levels of vitamin D3 are responsible for increased number of brain lesions particularly in people with multiple sclerosis. Some of the dietary sources include beef liver, cheese, eggs and fatty fish which contain small quantities of vitamin D3.
Vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of blood cells, DNA synthesis and energy production. It is an immune condition that is caused by the lack of a protein called intrinsic factor that is needed to absorb Vitamin B12 from the food into the body.
Chronic Fatigue- With Vitamin B12 deficiency, there is a persistent feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. Incontinence- Due to Vitamin B12 deficiency, the bladder is incapable of holding urine and leakage occurs.
Hallucinations and Psychosis- One of the extreme symptoms that can occur due to Vitamin B12 deficiency is hallucinations and weak mental conditions. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that the body produces when exposed to the rays of sunlight.
This technique to avoid the sun as much as possible and the emerging cultural trend of spending more time indoors during work and leisure have greatly contributed to Vitamin D deficiency today. But with research, it has been found out that Vitamin D deficiency causes many health-related issues. Limited exposure to the sun: Vitamin D is synthesized in the body, when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Low Consumption of Vitamin D: The most natural sources of Vitamin D are animal-based products and milk. Dark Skin: Research has shown that people with darker skin tend to be more deficient in Vitamin D than people with fair skin. Lack of ability of the kidneys to convert Vitamin D to its active form: As people age, their kidneys lacks the ability to convert Vitamin D to its active form, leading to Vitamin D deficiency. Absorbing natural Vitamin D from the sun, taking a diet rich in Vitamin D or taking Vitamin D supplements can help obese people lose weight. Right from aiding energy production in the cells to manufacturing red blood corpuscles, and processing the nutrients in your cardiovascular system, vitamin B2 does it all!
100 gm of mushrooms give you about 0.49 mg of vitamin B2, satiating 29% of its daily requirement. While 85 gm of Mackerel gives you about 0.49 mg of this vitamin, smoked salmon and wild salmon meet 27% and 24% of RDA recommended daily values respectively.
A great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, soya beans are naturally blessed with a good quantity of vitamin B2.
Free radicals form naturally when our body convertsthe carbohydrates that we eat to glucose for energy. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for damaged hair and in the treatment and prevention of a variety of hair disorder, which can damage the hair follicle and effect the normal growth of the hair. Vitamin C not only helps to combat hair loss but also helps to retain the natural colour by preventing premature ageing of the hair.
A well-known alternative cure for cancer, vitamin B17 is quite effective in lowering tumors and curbing metastasis. You can also find this vitamin in the seeds of prunes, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, and even apples. Almonds, especially the bitter ones, along with macadamia nuts and cashew nuts, contain vitamin B17, with bitter almonds leading the list. If you experience any such symptoms, then sip a glass of vitamin C rich fruit juice – orange, lemon, grape, or grape fruit. You may have noticed that many skin care products such as creams and lotions include Vitamin E oil as an essential ingredient. There is some concern about taking Vitamin E oil in high doses as it has been found in recent studies that the risk of death can significantly increase.
Experts recommend buying Vitamin E oil in pure form; you will find it without difficulty in health food stores. Dermatologists often recommend this excellent oil for the treatment of various skin disorders. Factors like imbalance of hormones, deficiency in minerals and vitamins, stress, pollution and poor eating habits are some of the causes.
Enriched with omega-3-fatty acids, iron and B12 it proves to be highly beneficial for the health of the hair. The presence of vitamin D3 in the cells is vital for the thyroid hormone to affect the cell. Side effects of vitamin D3 deficiency include mood changes such as depression, particularly seasonal affective disorders (SAD) and trouble with memory and concentration. It is extremely important to have the right amount of vitamin D3 as excess of this vitamin can also cause hair loss.
Adequate level of vitamin D3 has a protective effect and hence, reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.
Spending 10 to 15 minutes a day in direct sunlight without sunscreen with your arms, legs, face or back exposed is enough to get vitamin D3 to supply your needs. While taking vitamin D3 supplements, other vitamin or mineral supplements should be avoided except on the recommendation of your doctor.

Apart from these natural sources, you can get Vitamin B12 capsules, syrups and also health drinks that assure to bring back your Vitamin B12 levels back to normal.
Apart from this, Vitamin D is also found in milk and other foods like fish, tuna, egg yolk, cheese and beef liver. Applying sunscreens, spending more time indoors or living in the northern latitudes can lead to less exposure to the sun and cause Vitamin D deficiency. Those who have milk allergies or those who stick to a strict vegetarian diet can be deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D, in combination with leptin, sends a signal to stop eating, thereby controlling your food intake. If your body has vitamin B2 deficiency, you can experience mouth ulcers, sore throat, mouth inflammation, and even iron-deficient anaemia. While 100 gm of these green veggies give 0.117 mg of riboflavin, meeting just 10% of the recommended daily value of this vitamin, it is still a healthier choice when compared to other calorie dense sources. These foods not only provide sufficient Riboflavin to the body, but also work wonders for the skin and hair! This is crucial for stopping hair loss and encouraging hair growth since adrenal glands are key to maintaining proper hormonal balance. A diet containing significant levels of Vitamin C can help to combat alopecia, and male baldness too.
Laetrile is available in various forms in the market, including injections, lotions, tablets, and even suppositories. Flax seeds, squash seeds, millet seeds and buckwheat seeds also contain this vitamin in moderate amounts.
However, the surprising fact is that the wild berries contain Vitamin B17 in quite high amounts.
However, if you are considering oral Vitamin E supplements for acne and pimples, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. It is believed that the cause may be a purportedly higher risk of bleeding, particularly among patients with Vitamin K deficiency or those who take blood-thinning medications. When it is topically applied on the skin with acne or pimples, Vitamin E oil works with fantastic results. Since you are not consuming meat or seafood, you can still maintain a healthy diet by trying some of the vegetarian sources of Vitamin B12. Eggs are highly enriched with B12 and B7, which takes care of the breakage and treats the loss of hair. All of these, when taken together, helps an individual attain lustrous hair and a healthy scalp. If your body is deficient in vitamin D3, it will not be able to absorb sufficient amounts of calcium.
Even the treatments for thyroid using herbs, progesterone or raising T3 levels require the right amount of vitamin D3 to be effective. This is because vitamin D3 is necessary for creating the building blocks that produce the neurotransmitters involved in maintaining the emotional balance. Insufficient intake of vitamin D3 can manipulate the regulatory mechanisms of parathyroid hormone (PTH), causing a secondary hyperparathyroidism that further increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Therefore, deficiency of this vitamin not only increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis but also makes its patients more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. This active form of vitamin helps in controlling the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body and can be measured through a blood test. Vitamin B12, being the most essential vitamin in your body, protects your immune system and keeps your body healthy in general. Vitamin E oil in the natural form is known to be twice as active as it is in the synthetic form (3). Various foods are rich in vitamins and your daily dosage may be gleaned from these foods also.
According to a research conducted by John Hopkins University School of Medicine, 41% of rheumatoid arthritis patients had significantly low levels of vitamin D3. So, another way to increase the level of vitamin D3 is to increase the consumption of these foods. Vitamin B12 is also used to treat several diseases like depression, anemia, heart disorders, diabetes, AIDS, swollen tendons and bowel diseases.
Vitamin B12 generally affects the digestive system at first, leading to a lot of indigestion and nausea-related problems, causing a lack of appetite, vomiting and weight loss. Being an anti-bacterial, anti- oxidant, hormone balancer than improves blood circulation, vitamin C can be very beneficial for the hair. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties reduce the formation of free radicals and minimises its effect on our hair. Before getting to know about the sources of this vitamin, lets take a closer look at how beneficial this vitamin is for us. Nevertheless, bitter almonds are used for manufacturing extracts and to give liqueurs that distinct flavor.
Brazilian nuts are considered to be enriched with selenium, which is very essential for proper growth of hair.
The table given below shows the recommended doses of vitamin D3 prescribed by the National Institute of Health and Institute of Medicine. The best time for getting enough vitamin D3 is from 11 am to 3 pm in the months of April to August.
If your stomach has been hurting too many times lately, this can be a symptom of Vitamin B12 deficiency. If a person is deficient in Vitamin D, the signal gets disrupted and the body no longer knows it is full, thus causing people to overeat. Having an adequate supply of Vitamin C in our diet is essential for antioxidant protection against free radicals.People who take huge amount of Vitamin C have healthy, strong and thick hair. Excess of vitamin D3 is stored in the form of fat soluble vitamin in your fat stores and liver, for use during winter.
The table given below shows the recommended amounts of vitamin D3 for the different risk groups prescribed by the UK Health Department. Most shampoos and conditioners from specific hair care brands contain a vitamin B known as Biotin which is very good for hair. The first impact Vitamin B12 deficiency has on the body is the immediate weight loss that is visible.

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