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The minerals are absorbed by either passive or active transport systems through the intestinal mucosa, often using specialized transport proteins, such as ferritin for Fe3+ and vitamin D-induced protein for calcium. I'd include a biofilm buster which breaks down the cellular matrix in the gut that inhibits absorption of necessary nutrients. Common Sense and now Clifford Carnicom have written about NAC and it's benefits along with vitamin C in helping quell the symptoms of our condition. I'd look into this as a close friend from the community began taking both high amounts of Vitamin C and NAC and her symptoms disappeared.

She eventually reduced it to 2,000 mg of vitamin C and 600 mg of NAC because the NAC was giving her headaches. I might mention, that my protocol has always called for 1000 mg of vitamin C, three times a day. Adrenal system had a number of markers indicating a lot of stress to the system, very low levels of vitamins C and B's, four different pathogenic bacteria showed up—Helicobacter Pylori was high, Clostridia, E.
Nancy pointed out that lead and cadmium are antagonistic to calcium absorption and bone health, so seeing this rise in cadmium and knowing I still have too high levels of lead makes me think that I might have to give up the painting at some point or switch mediums rather than compromise bone health. The heavy metals test also measures "essential and other elements," (minerals) It seems as a consequence of pulling heavy metals out, the minerals have been compromised.

To his formula I've added in Ashwagandha and Sweet Cinnamon (from Sri Lanka) for the brain, as well as nettles (excellent herb for trace minerals and general support of system) and Pau D'arco (fungal).

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