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Author: admin, 29.11.2014
Many of you are wondering if a vegetarian or vegan diet might be appropriate for your animal friends.
There is no scientifically known reason why dogs cannot live full, healthy lives on a vegan diet.
This book was written to address the subject canine nutrition, ethics pertaining to vegetarianism, exercise, health and rehabilitation.
In fact, dogs can thrive on a vegetarian, or vegan diet, regardless of age, breed, or being genetically predisposed to any particular ailments. A never changing diet can easily lead to an undesirable and less than ideal PH chemistry of your animal companion.

The fact is that it's 100% safe for ANY dog to subsist on an exclusively vegetarian or vegan diet, provided you follow the guidelines, as illustrated in this book .
Moreover, an exclusively meat-based diet may be outright dangerous, given the risk of potential impurities found in many commercial meats as explained. Vegetarian Dogs not only gives you nutritional guidelines and recipes, but explains how to create your own. Therefore, as this book will teach you, with proper feeding and supplementation, adequate nutrition is 100% attainable through a vegetarian diet. Thus we believe that dogs, and all other animals, have rights, which we have an obligation to uphold and preserve.

For example, conventionally farmed soy plants in America are farmed from inception to be immune to Roundup , an especially dangerous herbicide. There is no scientifically known reason why dogs cannot live full, healthy lives on an exclusively vegetarian diet or vegan diet. Such a diet would also greatly reduce the risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and other common diseases and disorders.

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