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More Cheap Tempered Glass Cutting BoardSpare your kitchen counter from the wear and tear of daily dining preparation. 30x16cm with beautiful and comfortable handle tempered glass cutting boardtempered glass cutting board -different size and pattern are available -with handles,very easy to take . From your first art projects to the latest masterpiece, X-ACTO® is one tool an artist never outgrows. Paper cut illustration has a really long history, but many paper artists nowadays enhance their hand cut creations with the aid of the computer. Watercolor painting is usually a very flat art form and you can not achieve the same textural properties as you can with oils or acrylics. Paper comes in so many patterns and colors, but sometimes simply the texture of a paper can be exactly what you need to set a certain tone in your next art piece. Cutting thin lines in a paper is one of the most challenging aspects of an intricate papercutting design.
Make a statement with silhouettes in your next art project.  By using your X-ACTO knife and a piece of solid dark paper, you can make of a silhouette shape in seconds! Kirigami is the combination of origami (or paper folding) and the fine art of paper cutting.
You can create a beautiful pattern and modern piece of art with colored paper cut into simple shapes. Whether you’re a professional stencil designer or cutting one for the first time, this is the tool for the job.

For over 700 years the people of Thailand have been sculpting fruits and vegetables into masterpieces. The medium is quite different than what a painter or a paper artist would use, but the principles are the same. You can create intricate cuts with your X-ACTO knife and the layering of different papers, but many artists take it to another level without making it feel electronic.
As children, we learned this simple art form by weaving together many straight strips of paper, in and out, under and over. Don't worry, you aren't losing your artistic ability, just a minor hiccup in your momentum.
It's easy to get in a framing rut, thinking every piece of art needs a frame and mat to be hung on the wall. You can buy a special tool that squeezes out the last of your paint from the tube, OR you can use tools you most likely already have in your art box.
But a translucent or transparent cutting mat can be a must-have tool when planning out your designs.
Our #3 Precision Knife, with its secure twist on lid, is the multi-use knife to keep in your art box. Using a mat around an art piece both protects the glass from touching the art, but also enhances your art by giving your eyes the needed breathing room between art and frame without cutting off your art.
Helping to nurture an artistic talent at an early age will prepare them for future pursuits.

You can create some really intricate designs and beautiful art pieces with carved wood blocks. All ages can create their own unique snowflake design by simply folding a circle into 6 sections and cutting shapes and designs from that.
If you are creating different layers in your art, place bottom layers under a translucent cutting mat and cut the next layer on paper on top of the mat. For a long time, this art form was popular among high-society women, but it soon spread to other classes. Beyond its everyday uses, paper is actually one of the most versatile tools any artist will touch. Paper cutting practices ranged from the skilled craftsman to its evolution into the folk art world. Try using your XACTO knife on your next snowflake design to get some really beautifully intricate snowflake designs, and you will certainly be a master at the art of kirigami.

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