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Salt vegetables on paper towels for 20 to 30 minutes to dry out (as described above) then rinse under cold water and dry well. For essential tips to complete this recipe and to make your chips extra delicious, click here.
Once the vegetable soup has come to a rolling boil, turn down the heat to the lowest setting and stir. All step by step recipes are member submitted and those members hold the copyright to any pictures displayed.

I used the vegetables I found at market (sweet potatoes, turnips and beets), but if you can’t find that combination, do not despair! Now that you have learned how to make vegetable soup (non-dairy), please be sure to view these other soup recipes. In this recipe I’m going to tell you the exact procedure I used, and then tell you to get creative.
You'll either end up picking out the thinner ones and burning your fingers or worse, burn the chips.

This isn't just for flavor but also to help sweat out the water in the chips so they can get nice and crispy in the oven. Bake for about twenty minutes, watching for the chips to start to brown a bit around the edges.

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