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With or without the cheese, the sherry vinegar, vegetable broth, fire roasted tomatoes, onions and spices really make this recipes flavor explode. This entry was posted in Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian and tagged bake, broth, casserole, Cheese, Eggplant, Feta, fiber, garbanzo bean, Olive oil, onion, oregano, sherry vinegar, Tomato, vegetable, vegetarian on May 22, 2014 by Bunny. My Paleo Vegetarian and Vegan recipe book shows how to transition into Paleo and is packed with recipes for grain, legume and dairy free recipes. Whilst Vegetarian and Paleo might not seem to naturally go together, by avoiding grains – and making sure you get some good legume-free protein into your diet, it is possible to follow a Vegetarian Paleo diet.

Recipes demonstrate good Paleo protein sources and there are also plenty of Vegan options (i.e. My mission is to inspire you with paleo recipes and give you the resources and information you need, to be the healthiest version of you. For those looking for a gradual transition into full Paleo, the book also details how to properly prepare grains and legumes, for those who aren’t ready to give them up on day one. I would expect something labelled as sugar free to have no added sugar of any kind in it – no white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, honey, coconut sugar, palm sugar, agave, molasses or evaporated cane juice.

However, it could still be taken one step further if you consider that every carbohydrate breaks down into glucose in the blood stream, whether those carbs are derived from sweeteners, grains, fruits, or vegetables, meaning even a main dish like Beef Stir Fry couldn’t be labeled sugar free because it contains carrots, snow peas, onions, etc all because of the technicality of blood glucose.
In a glass baking dish (I used a 9 x 6) combine garbanzo beans, fire roasted tomatoes, onions, vegetable broth, oregano, pepper and sherry.

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