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Author: admin, 25.08.2013
In a recent article, Derek discussed calorie cycling as a means to gain lean mass and he gave the example of his own diet, as a 185-pound man, that cycles between 4000 and 6500-calorie days. By comparison, a recent Muscle & Fitness article included a calorie cycling meal plan that ranged, for a 200-pound man, between four 1800-calorie “low” days, one 2300-calorie “moderate” day, and one 2600-calorie “high” day.
A plant-based diet results in a faster metabolism, so as athletic vegans we need to eat more. You can find Derek’s Whole Food Vegan Gainer recipe here and many more menu examples on this website as well as in Robert’s book.

Another reason to bump up the calories is that plant foods are less anabolic than animal foods, meaning that they don’t promote growth as aggressively. The low days are really low for someone that big, but with a bulking diet based on animal foods it’s a sad necessity to keep from blowing up like the Michelin Man.
The answer is a resounding…nope!  You shouldn’t, nor do you have to – in fact, one of the benefits of being a vegan athlete is freedom from the layers of fat that typically come with an animal-based bulking diet.
So in addition to the inconvenience of a diet severely restricted to keep fat down they have a greater-than-average chance of getting cancer down the road.

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