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Author: admin, 26.08.2014
Results from these tests offer up the following list of the top 10 “dirtiest” fruits and vegetables. Peaches contain high levels of iprodione, a probable human carcinogen, and methyl parathion, an endocrine disrupting insecticide. Strawberries are often treated with the fungicide captan, a probable human carcinogen that can irritate skin and eyes, and is highly toxic to fish.
Pears, both fresh and in baby food, can come with methyl parathion, as well as the azinphos-methyl, which is toxic to freshwater fish, amphibians and bees. Sweet Bell Pepper earn the dubious distinction of being the vegetable with the most pesticides found in a single sample and the vegetable with the most pesticides overall.

Celery had a high percentage of samples test positive for pesticides and the highest likelihood of having multiple pesticides in a single sample. Imported grapes contain methyl parathion, dimethoate, and methomyl, an insecticide listed as an endocrine disruptor.
Spinach leads all foods in exceeding pesticide safety tolerances and has been found to contain dimethoate and permethrin, a possible human carcinogen. Watch our inspiring, award-winning, must-see video that will open your eyes to the health hazards our children face every day - and how we can overcome them. Pesticides found included chlorpyrifos, fenarimol, iprodione, malathion, methidathion, myclobutanil, parathion and pirimicarb.

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