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The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse followed by The Garden Diet 28 Day Program gives you three weeks of guided raw vegan menu plans, shopping lists, recipes, online support, email support, phone support, Program Pal, live chat, Daily Instructions, Daily workout program online videos, Daily inner well-being exercises, and Daily motivational reading material!
The Anti-Aging Guide offers you real rejuvenation techniques through foods and a way of eating that prevents and reverses aging. When you order you will be taken instantly to a web page that contains the entire eBook on one scrollable printable page.
Gerald (Storm) Talifero has been eating the anti-aging diet for 30 years, and has improved his physique over this time. Our program consists of showing you how to obtain enough nutrients to prevent the aging of the cellular body, how to avoid the toxins that promote cell-decay, and how to maintain the elasticity of your body's tissues through simple balanced health practices such as eating correctly, exercising and drinking sufficient water.
When we eat the anti-aging diet then the aging process is totally slowed down and we are able to retain our youth for a much longer period of time. We have drawn from a variety of ancient schools of knowledge where hundreds of years of searching for enlightenment including the development of extraordinary physical capabilities and longevity were recorded on scrolls that were carefully guarded.
The Anti-Aging diet gives us life energy, radiant beauty, heightened clarity, clearer and stronger connection with our thoughts and inner life, and increased physical presence, strength and personal power! Raising Healthy Children, The Talifero Family Secrets for getting your kids to love nature's foods and thrive! Sergeant Boo-Yow's Online Bootcamp, Kick the junk food habit and get in shape quick with this 8-week online boot camp!
The Anti-Aging Diet for Ecstatic Pregnancy, Painfree Birth, eBook about the joys of the Anti-Aging diet for easier birthing. ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 90 days from the date of purchase. This diet will help you to effectively rejuvenate your body and extend your life expectancy. All you need are the laws of nature and the knowledge of what the natural diet is and how to eat it in modern times. This incredibly easy-to-make and delicious diet consists of food you can buy in almost any grocery store and requires no special equipment. When she started the anti-aging diet in 1993 at age 25, she was overweight and suffered from numerous physical complaints. The processes and habits humankind has developed for preparing food over the past million years have contributed to shorter lifespans and the proliferation of disease.
We were so blinded by our cleverness in being able to perform operations that we didn't think of the very obvious truth that we were killing people through spreading germs from one sick person to another.

This is knowledge that has been reserved for centuries for the select few initiates who earned the right to view them through rites of fasting and tremendous physical discipline. For many years I have believed in the Anti-Aging Diet principles, but I have not put these beliefs into practice. This eBook is an introduction to a Long-Lost Biblical Text providing the first known Anti-Aging diet plan followed by Methusela and other long lived people! Now you can have this unique treasure of health wisdom for only $19.99 plus receive the additional 10 products above FREE!!!! According to the latest scientific and medical research our bodies are designed to be healthy and live until the age of 120 to 140 years old.
It is totally possible to eat a diet that fully supports your health, tastes great, is satisfying, and is fast and easy to prepare. This is a natural diet and the further you get away from this diet the more radical your diet becomes.
When we don't get the right nutrients, over time our nerve cells begin to weaken causing us to slow down. When we reach middle age we replace cells at the same rate that we wear them out so we remain the same size. When you hear how to prepare foods so that they will be healthful you will say "Of course! We are so blinded by our cleverness in creating delicious meals that we do not realize the very basic and simple way in which we are killing the nutrients in the foods!
It has given me much sorrow that I felt so completely that this is the way of integrity for me, but then I fail to act. It is our un-natural tendencies and lifestyles that have caused us to evolve into civilizations in which death by disease is considered natural. She has rejuvenated, healed her candida and a breast tumor, and lost weight, while also having four children! It is the hard-won result of thousands of years of searching to find the panacea or universal remedy for diseases. Reading your e-book and your masterful words in your e-mails has revitalized my commitment to the right way of life for me. There are specific vegetables that give you the nutrients you need to reproduce nerve cells. The rejuvenation of cell growth is totally dependent upon the quality and vitality of our diets.

The principle behind the Anti-Aging Diet is a similar discovery to when medical doctors discovered 200 years ago that if they washed their hands in-between operations it prevented infection. I wasted many years eating the wrong way and developed diabetes, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia and other colon problems. I have read nearly everything in the subject of Nutrition and have found some good from this, but you have the most amazing way of communicating these principles! The before and after are almost exactly the same except his muscle tone and size has improved. This eBook will show you the natural and simple way of eating that is in harmony with nature and your own body, allowing your natural beauty to emerge. Vitamin pills, Mineral supplements, Enzyme tablets and liquids that have been processed from various foods are all great things to sell to make money.
This discovery revolutionized medicine and prevented an untold number of hospital deaths that used to be common occurances.
From the temples of the orient to the druids of the Emerald Isle the spiritual searching for enlightenment seems to invariably also lead to a knowledge of physical enlightenment, - dynamic, vibrant, powerful, joyful, sensual, strong, and beautiful health!
The epidemic levels of disease and obesity in our society is proof that we need to make some serious changes. It is easy to convince people that they will work because that is what people want to hear. With you as my witnesses I commit to this joy and love filled way of living, this path of integrity.
The purpose of this eBook is to take rejuvenating food and make it taste better than gourmet food. I thank you for caring enough about our world to share your knowledge and love with all of us!
The truth is that the only really usable form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients is found in specific foods, prepared in ways that do not damage these elements.

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