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Author: admin, 30.07.2015
I changed up the recipe for the curry quite a bit to make it healthier and leaner, but Jaffrey deserves the credit because had she not made this curry, I never would have created mine. In my Washington kitchen, I create healthy, plant-based recipes that are kid-friendly and omnivore-friendly.
Child, the grand dame of American cooking, was hosting Madhur Jaffrey– a chef who, I think, can easily be described as the grand dame of Indian cooking, at least in the western world.
I used a few Mexican peppers to add fire and smoke to my recipe, including two anchos and a couple of arbol chilies.

This is my favorite rice recipe and one I’ve made in my kitchen over and over for years now. Your descriptions and background info are so evocative and colorful, and your recipes are so precise and well selected that they are a joy to read, easy to cook and great to eat. Use paprika instead of the ancho (or any mild red Indian chili you might have) and the regular spicy dry red Indian chilies we use for curries instead of the arbol. If you cut the tofu in big slices, cut it into smaller cubes before adding it to the curry.

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