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Author: admin, 11.06.2015
Groundbreaking eBook, Soccer Fitness Formula, gives female soccer players the edge with sports specific training propelling them to next level in soccer with increased speed, stamina, and strength.
Renowned soccer coach and player, Jeff Sherman, today released a revolutionary soccer fitness eBook program specifically designed to meet the fitness needs of female only soccer players giving them unique tools to advance their soccer games to unprecedented levels.
After nine years of implementing and fine tuning his soccer fitness program exclusively targeted at female soccer players, Jeff Sherman, now offers women soccer players worldwide his unique, no fail soccer training system that is guaranteed to improve the female soccer players’ game. As the success of his program began to spread the demand for Sherman’s one to one training grew and emerged into training clinics.
With continued high demand for Sherman’s Soccer Fitness Formula he is now releasing his program on eBook in an effort to reach more women who want to advance their soccer games and achieve better fitness results than ever before.
This elite program is a twelve week training program that includes more than 150 exercises - participants report they don't get bored.

The testimonials of Sherman’s successful soccer clients are proof positive that this program is unique in catering to women’s soccer needs and giving the female soccer player what no other soccer training program does – a set of fitness exercises that targets the exact needs of female soccer players. Sara Moller, professional women’s soccer player uses Sherman’s Soccer Fitness Formula regularly.
This comprehensive soccer training program is receiving top reviews and is sure to become the ‘gold standard’ for female soccer players training programs worldwide. Soccer Fitness Formula’s release as an eBook makes this remarkable program accessible to women soccer players all over the world and allows all women the insight of Sherman’s expertise in training female soccer players for more than nine years. Those who purchase the Soccer Fitness Formula will have access to Sherman’s weekly updated blog with soccer tips, news, workouts, and free giveaways. This unprecedented program has been fine tuned to give female soccer players the exact exercises, drills, and nutrition they need to be in the best soccer playing shape of their lives.

Soccer Fitness Formula gives female soccer players the tools they need to advance their soccer game, get in the best shape of their lives, and play at the highest level of soccer they have ever achieved. At eighteen Sherman joined the Air Force, got involved in fitness, and became a personal trainer. This 12 week girls soccer training program is guaranteed to improve your soccer fitness and soccer skills.
In 2002 he opened his first personal training studio and began to focus on training female soccer players.

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