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Author: admin, 10.06.2015
BuzzCity has done an interesting thing here, which is to take a strategy that has worked for mobile gaming and apply it to the field of cooking.
This article was published in Mobile Ad&Mktg, Mobile Content, Mobile Marketing, mobile news and tagged buzzcity, cooking, food, mobile, mobile advertising, Mobile Content, Mobile Marketing, mobile site, now cook. Here are some affordable, easy meal ideas that are ideal for a college student's schedule and budget. If you live nearby your child's college campus, make some delicious, home-cooked meals that your child can freeze or store, then heat up throughout the week. Between running around to classes, hanging around with friends, fraternity parties, volunteering, and work there's very little time to devote to preparing a healthy meal.

Today it has announced the launch of a new mobile cookery portal called Now Cook, based around simple to prepare, one-dish meals. The more appealing your meal is, and the more people who visit your page, the more revenue you’ll earn from BuzzCity.
Students can use the noodles as the base for their meal and then add vegetables and chicken to make the noodles heartier and healthier. Even if your child has a meal plan in their dormitory, the cafeteria may not be open at all hours. If you're a college student who's getting tired of picking up the same take out night after night, check out this episode of "Sarah Fit" to learn a full day's worth of easy, quick, anc cheap recipes for college students.

I can see this mostly being used by students, interested in accessing a quick, simple meal without having to put any effort in. In this video, Sarah Dussault shares a full days worth of meals from breakfast to dinner on a budget and with limited prep time.

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