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Author: admin, 16.04.2013
The caveman diet, which is also known as the Paleo or Paleolithic Diet, recommends the avoidance of all processed and junk foods, as most diets do. Breakfast: the hardest part of the Paleo diet is possibly breakfast, as cereal, porridge and bread are all on the forbidden list.
Cereal substitutes are not the best option for a long term meal plan, but this is a great way to transition over to the caveman diet.
Lunch: lunch is an other meal time that could potentially be the hardest part of the paleo diet, but for completely different reasons.

But porridge doesn’t have to contain oats, and a paleo porridge alternative is available.
If you’re away from home and forgot to pack a lunch, you will have a hard time finding a paleo restaurant. Proponents of the caveman diet point out that modern humans spent 190,000 years evolving to life as hunter gatherers, and have spent only ten thousand years living in agriculturally based societies. One of the most interesting things about the caveman diet is that there is no calorie counting, and you can eat as much as you want of the foods that are acceptable.

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