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Author: admin, 03.05.2014
Tabata at CFit is a high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training class that will push your body to the edge. Tabata classes get their name and formula from a Japanese scientist, Izumi Tabata, and colleagues who developed this timed protocol with athletes in Japan. The bottom line is the MAX Fitness boot camp classes are like nothing else you have ever experienced.
Learn proper form and technique – Most classes are fast paced and you could be learning something all wrong. Give you a push – it isn’t always possible to dig down and find that last ounce of motivation to get through an intense workout like fitness boot camp.
Customize your workout – Getting into a class environment can be difficult because not everyone is on the same level.
Keeping it fun, refreshing, new and exciting – We pride ourselves on making each class new and interesting, regardless of what style it is. The best way to understand just how real a personal trainer can make your MAX Fitness class is to give it a try.

Beyond boot camp classes that focus on interval and cross-training techniques -- with much focus on functional movements like squats and running -- this program emphasizes healthy eating and offers tips on how to improve your diet while working out. This class will utilize a variety of exercises in Tabata intervals to increase your aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity and resting metabolic rate. If you have any experience with a boot camp workout class then you know you are in for a challenging treat. Anyone can offer exercise classes but this is a way to truly get the most from your fitness workout. One of the reasons this class has become so popular is the personal training we include in our classes.
Sometimes in a class setting though if a student is unaware of how to do something he or she may not be able to ask. Our instructors and personal trainers work hard to plan out the MAX Fitness boot camp classes so that you are not doing the same routine each time and getting bored with it.
Forget anything you experienced working out at the gym before or even other fitness classes you took before.

Of course personal training in seattle is usually one of those aspects you sacrifice when you get into a class setting. Get that custom one on one time with a personal trainer you need all while in a classroom atmosphere. Having individual attention from a personal trainer means even a classroom environment can accommodate each individual student.
Find out how the combo of styles and moves we include make this the best fitness boot camp in Seattle, if not the country.

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