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Author: admin, 21.05.2015
Dieters who select this type of diet should be able to follow a strict diet with lots of limitations.
Although this weight loss diet has been in existence for quite some time, it continues to be one of the popular ones. Unfortunately, the Scarsdale Diet discourages any exercise or vigorous activities since you will have a lower reserve of energy due to restricted caloric intake. Some of the pros for this diet include the fact that it should help weight loss to occur and portions for the suggested foods are not limited.

Furthermore, the reduction in the amount of protein consumed while on this diet might possibly lead to lost muscle mass.
Even though fewer restrictions are included in this part of the diet, some dieters will still find it to be restrictive. The diet is a very restrictive one that requires calorie reduction and low carbohydrate intake.
This diet does lead to weight loss success for some, but at the cost of feeling hungry or irritable at times.

In addition to being restrictive, the Scarsdale Diet offers bland food options with very few allowable substitutions. It's a good thing that this diet plan does include caffeine though, because you may need it to stay awake.

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