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Author: admin, 12.12.2014
In the meantime, my personal trainer Darryl Edwards appeared as speaker at the PaleoFX 2012 conference in Austin, TX.
I am a fan of Darryl’s methods, and I really hope his appearance at PaleoFX helps raise his profile. In this episode of the Underground Wellness podcast Sean Croxton interviews Robb Wolf who is one of leaders of the Paleo movement. The Paleo Diet is based on the hypothesis that humans are genetically adapted to eat like our pre-historic ancestors.
If you follow a Paleo diet, your carbohydrate intake will tend to be lower than on a typical western diet.
In summary, Paleo is mostly about eating unprocessed and nutritionally dense foods to emulate the diet of our hunter gatherer ancestors. Although it doesn’t apply to all Low-Carbers, in general this community is more relaxed about processed foods and Omega-6 rich oils than the Paleo and Primal communities.
I have learned a great deal from leaders and enthusiasts across the Paleo, Primal, Low-Carb, LCHF, GAPS and Western A. Diana Hsieh has published the best summary of the Paleo protocol I have seen online on her blog. Loren Cordain is one of the scientists who provided the foundations of the Paleo movement through his research.
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I have not posted any material to this blog for a while, and I have not done any exercise for nearly a week. Robb Wolf talks about his book The Paleo Solution and explains some of the fundamentals of the Paleo life-style and how to put it into practice. Paleo followers believe modern western diseases and obesity are due to changes in our diet that arrived with agriculture and industrialisation. But Paleo is less specific about the amount of carbohydrate you should eat than Primal, Low-Carb and LCHF.
Primal diet books tend to give specific direction about the amount of carbohydrate you should consume to create optimal conditions for fat loss. To me it covers all the four communities I describe here, along with some others (GAPS dieters and Western A.
It includes links to articles and materials that explains the rationale for each element of the diet.
In this lecture, he goes through the scientific principles and hypotheses behind Paleo nutrition.
Cordain’s assertion that ¬†you should limit saturated fats in your diet, and I am more relaxed about dairy than he is. Especially, if you have tried a multitude of diets that promised so much but ended in failure.
To help you with this, I have started this series of Blog posts to guide you to the best Ancestral Health interviews on the internet.

Terry Wahls recounts the remarkable story of how she reversed the effects of her Multiple Sclerosis through a Paleo diet adapted specifically to address her condition. Paleo dieters also prefers grass fed beef, wild game, organic poultry and wild fish over intensively farmed equivalents.
Many followers started their Low-Carb journeys with the Atkins Diet, but there are many other Low-Carb diets such as the South Beach Diet and the Dukan diet.
If this blog inspires you to start your own weight loss program, I encourage you to consult a medical professional. Researchers and thought leaders like Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Art Devany and others all recommend diets that are similar to this with minor variations.
One example is Staffan Lindenburgh who points to the Kitavans of Papa New Guinea as an example of aboriginal people who subsist on a high starch diet without incurring the degenerative diseases that are so common in the west. We are all sceptical about the low-fat grain-based diet dogma that dominates the mainstream. Stephen Phinney, GAPS, LCHF, Loren Cordain, Low-Carb, Mark Sisson, paleo, Primal, Robb Wolf, science, Sofie Hexberg, Western A. If you, your friends or your doctors wish to question or challenges any information on this blog, I welcome your feedback.

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