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Author: admin, 12.11.2013
This, for example, stunning little number from Regina Schrambling in the Los Angeles Times way back in 2002. So, after washing and drying your chicken legs and then rubbing them with chopped herbs and salt and pepper, you paint them lavishly with mustard. Panko crumbs were one of the weird things I discovered in my kitchen boxes after I started unpacking my things in Berlin, along with a half-used roll of aluminum foil and a few almost-empty jars of things like dried summer savory and mustard seed. Mix flour, pepper, onion powder, and Cajun spices in a container large enough to roll legs in.
The Scenario: You have really great family recipes and you'd like to digitize them to ensure you have these recipes forever.
I have been looking for a great middle-of-the-week chicken recipe that’s quick and easy, using ingredients that I keep stocked anyway, and this is it! Made this recipe tonight, as it started to rain just before heading out to turn on the grill. Oddly enough, while looking for recipes, this other blog I came across had your exact recipe even down to the exact wording. Chicken loving, bread baking, remodel surviving, furniture painting, blogging momma of four.
I believe at some point in the last month there were five tubes of mustard in our cupboards along with two jars in the fridge. These days I bookmark the ones I want to try, but the binder of printed recipes is a thick one and well predates this blog.

And instead of herbes de Provence (which I sort of loathe because though they might be traditional, I find the mixture to be so over-used that it just tastes like dusty old cupboards to me), I used a mixture of minced fresh herbs from my balcony (a mix of thyme, marjoram, and sage). I could have lived without the herbs and aluminum foil, but thank goodness I brought those panko crumbs.
A drizzle of melted butter over the top before you slide the pan into a hot oven and before you know it, you've got crisp, herby, mustard chicken legs to grace your table and convince your dining companions that you are a truly fabulous cook. Additionally, this will allow you to share your great recipes with others by simply providing them a link. We are chicken leg lovers and I make them often; this is one of the best recipes that I’ve made! When I unpacked my book boxes back in winter, I shelved the binder and then, frankly, forgot about it.
And instead of Dijon mustard, I used the rest of a truly fabulous tube of Austrian tarragon-scented mustard. You need a handful of them to coat your mustard-swathed chicken legs and plain old breadcrumbs just wouldn't do here. Put them in a foil-lined baking dish with high sides (the foil is to make clean up easier and is not essential).
You could always use a thermometer to check the temperature to make sure you aren’t over cooking though!
And our neighbors to the south, the Austrians, have taken the art of mustard packaging and elevated it to an art form.

It sort of killed me to finish it, I loved it that much, but sometimes dinner party guests must be deferred to over personal greed and that is when being the bigger person really is key. A high sided sheet pan is the best option because the sides keep everything in but it is big enough that the chicken isn't drowning in the sauce. After rifling through the computer and a notebook on my bookshelf, I finally turned to the binder, that gloriously overstuffed binder. If the mixture doesn't combine well microwave it on high for thirty seconds and stir again.
Pour the honey mixture over the chicken legs. Put the chicken legs in the oven and bake for 45 minutes.
Take the chicken out of the oven and rotate it so that the bottom that was in the sauce is now on the top out of the sauce. Raise the heat to 425 degrees and bake until the sauce is bubbly and starts to caramelize on the chicken legs.

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