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After you take them out of the oven tap them with a fork to flatten them out a little (for storage) and enjoy warm or store in air tight contain for about a week. Chocolate chip peppermint w… by adminWanting to get even more into the Christmas spirit I decided to make up a little recipe to make some waffles full of Christmas cheer. Tips for Buying Organic Foo… by adminMany people love buying organic food, but the high price tag usually stops them from doing so. So the two protein powders make the bars taste amazing – but it’s the addition of the Sleepytime tea leaves that lends a lovely little twist to them! If you want to reduce the fats down a little, you can simply roll up the bar mixture into protein balls and skip the chocolate peanut butter topping … but I like them with, gives it that extra nom noms. Mix together the almond meal, Complete Dutch Chocolate sachet, Sunwarrior Chocolate protein powder, cinnamon.

Breakfast, Recipes, SnacksMango Raspberry Coconut SmoothieI shared this refreshing smoothie that's packed with protein on The Loop blog for our lovely local shopping centre The Strand in Coolangatta. However, instead of Chocolate protein powder, use vanilla and add an additional tablespoon on ground cinnamon powder.
She loves creating (and eating) healthy recipes, particularly the sweet treats made guilt free. I have a low sugar jelly recipe in the comments section over at my blog on the post with my son eating peanut butter and jelly. A tablespoon is the larger of the two with 3 teaspoons being contained in a single tablespoon is commonly abbreviated in recipes as TBS. In the following article we look into a few tips for buying organic food without breaking the bank.

I linked to where you can buy both the protein powders, and the tea bags (Sleepytime tea is also available at most supermarkets too). Add more coconut oil as needed to bind the ingredients together so that when you press it, it will form together into a dough.

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