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Author: admin, 16.02.2014
Getting the right amounts of protein, carbs and fat is crucial to fat loss, muscle gain, and recovery. Thanks to a new product from Flatbread called Flatout, I can increase my protein, while keeping my carbs low. Head on over to Walmart starting May 8th to pick up Flatout’s new ProteinUP, CarbDown flatbread wraps.

Flatout Flatbread  high protein, low carb flatbread wraps help people access the power of protein without excess carbs. I agree Erin, I usually open the wrap and eat what is inside with a fork, but this wrap truly is light an delicious.
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Each flatbread has 12g to 15g of protein (from beans not protein isolates so they taste great!) and only 8g to 10g net carbs (more than two eggs!).

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