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Author: admin, 20.08.2015
I want to share a success story of one of my clients who started nutrition coaching with me in February 2011.  She is a wonderful example of  a real food weight loss success story.
Its great to read some of these stories, however, why are male diets never really covered, all the diets and weight loss plans you seen on TV and online are always focused around women. Marie is a young woman but when she came to me but I knew she was on a road to major health problems if she didn’t clean up her diet and lifestyle. She often attended my boot camps, which are a mix of body weight exercises with short burst of interval cardio. This is so successful at that time, many, many people who lose weight so you have only the diet.

This balance can be achieved through taking probiotics and eating fermented foods like raw sauerkraut. This food plan has also rubbed off on her husband because he cut out sodas and pasta and also lost 15 lbs. Another way to help digestion is to chew food slowly until it is liquid-approximately 20 times. Food that is not broken down by chewing and adequate stomach acid rots and can cause bloating and swelling. Digestive enzymes may also need to be used to help people get more vitamins and minerals out of their food.

She is satisfied by the traditional foods in her diet and looks forward to meals full of grass fed meats, organic green veggies and good fats like grass fed butter and coconut oil. This vital mineral is involved in over 30,000 bodily processes and is severely lacking in the standard American Diet.

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