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Author: admin, 05.08.2013
Storm Talifero, a true long-term, raw-vegan anti-aging phenomenon, is a 61-year young baby boomer. Storm has been eating The Garden Diet for 40 years, our children have been raised on it, and we’ve found ways to make it fun, easy, nutritionally balanced, and delicious! We started these Programs because so many people think they need expensive supplements and superfoods to be healthy on a plant-based diet.

His journey has seen him through the lean, skinny days of early raw-veganism and through the rebuilding of a body-builder’s physique through his own version of a 100% raw vegan diet called The Garden Diet. He does not use supplements, super foods, dried or dehydrated foods or powders, but maintains that the best source of usable nourishment is directly from the freshest organic raw fruits and vegetables available! And when I started eating The Garden Diet the lump went away, my mood became lighter, I became athletic, and my skin glowed to the point where people don’t even notice the fading acne scars that once stood out horribly.

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