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Author: admin, 24.07.2013
Most elite sports people requiring endurance eat kangaroo or ostrich due to the high iron and protein component. Chicken breast with no skin contained the highest protein on the list with saturated fat remaining nice and low.
I recommend cutting carbs out at night, having only vegetables and protein, but I always recommend carbs for breakfast and low GI carbs for lunch. Kangaroo meat has less calories and fat per serve than white fish yet as much iron as red meat and almost as much protein.

Also extremely low in fat and high in protein, white fish will provide you with some iron, minimal cholesterol and lots of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Interestingly it is quite low in saturated fat, it’s just the unsaturated fat that tips this fish over the edge. This is a luxury industry and their is no need at all to be consuming and slaughtering our so called protected fauna. Sword fish and shark are a great alternative to salmon, almost as high in omega-3s yet really low in fat.

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