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Author: admin, 09.12.2015
Kettlebells have been around for 100’s of year and were originally used as a training tool for strong men, power lifters weightlifters and wrestlers. Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog on kettlebell training and I hope you have found the information to be of use. In 1980 the Russian track and field team won gold in all throwing events and have since grown in popularity amongst other track and field teams, top Olympic athletes, the US and Russian Military and Special Forces, Fire Departments, boxers, professional sporting teams and Personal Trainers. Kettlebell training incorporates whole body multijoint, multi directional, dynamic moves involving all muscle groups working together at one time blasting away fat stores.

Beginners are recommended to start their training using kettlebells weighing between 8 and 16 kilos. If the male beginner has a background of weight training then 16-kg would be a more beneficial weight, if the individual is just starting out however then 12-kg bell will be more appropriate. I have decided to take it upon myself to write a small blog on kettlebell training to help educate those who are in are interested toning up and getting fit fast. This unique form of training also enables you to train all postural muscles hamstrings, glutes and lower back at once.

Training with kettlebells is also much more time efficient and has been shown to burn twice as many calories as compared to the conventional dumbbell, barbell or resistant machine workouts.

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