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Author: admin, 21.01.2014
Prehistoric man adapted to or was designed to eat a hunter-gatherer diet for possibly millions of years. If you eat his version of the paleo diet, you’ll pack in the most nutrients per calorie. You will not go hungry on the Paleolithic Diet.  This is the most important aspect to have in a weight loss plan that you decide try. Eating our originally intended diet normalizes your weight.  In time you gravitate to your natural weight.
Thanks to researchers like, Loren Cordain, we are learning more every year about how the Paleo Diet can decrease or prevent certain autoimmune diseases.  Diabetes, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are just a start of a long list of autoimmune diseases that may be helped or prevented by the Paleo Diet.

This was a major reason I ended up on the paleo diet in the first place.  I eliminated things from my diet, based on scientific research, until I was left with nothing else but the Paleo Diet. A wonderful reason that the paleo diet is the best diet for losing weight is that it is beneficial in both leptin and insulin resistance.  With this biochemistry normalized it is much easier to naturally lose weight. Turkey burger nutrition is phenomenal!  We know that lean meats were a large part of the paleolithic diet and turkey burger fits right in.
This contains relatively no protein, so be sure you have a good amount of protein for dinner first…and look forward to more Paleolithic Recipe examples! As a part of getting back to our natural paleolithic diet, we have to consider the amount of man-made chemicals we have introduced into our diet.  Further, we have to look at the covariance of these introductions with disease rates, etc.

Cordain’s research indicates that eating more protein than other macronutrients is just one key to why people lose weight so easily on the paleo diet.

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