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Author: admin, 26.10.2014
People on simple low-carb diets tend to be less concerned about the other macro nutrients (protein and fats) and eat them in any proportion they want. The LCHF diet takes this idea one step forward by significantly increasing the fat percentage in one’s diet, which is supposed to force the body to use fat as energy.
I’ve sold a few loaves of my paleo bread to people on this diet recently and it started me thinking about the difference between the paleo diet and the LCHF diet.
For example, artificial sweeteners are generally discouraged in the paleo diet because of potential health risks.
And related to the point above is that the motivation for monitoring fat, carb and protein percentages is to get one’s body into a state of ketosis.

The last point is written about quite extensively in Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney’s book, which states that high carbohydrate diet locks a person into a dependence on carbohydrate as the dominant fuel for exercise. If you are in Singapore and want to join the low-carb high-fat (some are paleo eaters!) community, there is a forum at Hardwarezone here. They have been popular in recent years and even my rice-loving mum would tell my brother not to eat so much rice if he wants to get rid of his tummy fats. So instead of eating lean white chicken breast meat, the dieter eats the fattiest part of the chicken, while keeping carbs low at the same time. When you exclude grains and sweets from your diet, you tend to eat a lot less carbs than the average person.

But in the paleo world, canola, which is a genetically engineered hybrid derived from rapeseed, will not be found in our cupboards because it is highly processed. The diet also has to be high in fat (around 70% of calorie intake) rather than high in protein because excess protein can be converted into glucose, which will kick you out of ketosis.

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