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Author: admin, 17.07.2014
As someone who has now been Paleo for almost a year, I can tell you that having this book as your basis will go a long way towards your future as another Paleo success story. What I have come to appreciate most about going Paleo is the way in which the grassroots effort to know the truth about where our food comes from, and what we should be eating, has exploded. If you want to go the extra mile during your commute and get another dose of Robb’s wisdom, you can listen to his Paleo Solution podcast as well.

While going into great detail on the chemical and physiological processes of the human body and its reaction to gluten and other grains, Wolf makes this a very accessible read for the Paleo noob or nerd.
No matter how you roll, this book is filled with humor, personal anecdotes and testimonials, and a great deal of practical advice, recipes and information to get you started. He answers questions from listeners and is a great way to dig deeper into all things Paleo and Crossfit (did I mention he runs a cross fit gym).

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