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Since the Agricultural Revolution, however, the human diet has been changing faster than our bodies can evolve to match it. Since products of modern agriculture (like grains, legumes, dairy and all processed foods) are relatively recent additions to the human diet, we haven’t evolved to digest them well, and we get sicker and sicker the more we try to live on them. By emphasizing foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, a Paleo diet plan can help your body help itself with almost any physical problem.One of the most common benefits is weight loss. Obesity is a uniquely modern problem, fueled by cheap, highly palatable processed foods that steamroller over your body’s natural desires and appetites, encouraging overconsumption of foods high in calories, but low in nutritional value.
Adopting a Paleo diet, on the other hand, returns you to a type of food culture that supports a lean, athletic body without feeling hungry and deprived all the time. Calorie counting is discouraged, but Paleo meals are so filling that most people have no trouble sticking to a reasonable amount of food. Since this way of eating doesn’t involve any extreme restriction, a Paleo diet plan supports sustainable and healthy weight loss.The Paleo diet also helps people suffering from a variety of chronic diseases. Many people with digestive problems (such as Chrohn’s disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are pleasantly surprised by how much their symptoms improve with a Paleo diet, sometimes with just one or two tweaks to tailor it specifically to their needs. In fact, some people didn’t even know they had digestive problems until they started a Paleo diet and realized how much better they felt – this is especially true of people who didn’t know they were sensitive to gluten until they stopped eating it.Other people have found that a Paleo diet helps with conditions as widely varied as acne, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, autism, and mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. A nutrient-dense Paleo diet also supports the immune system in general, leaving you less vulnerable to whatever bug is going around the office this week. These foods were added to the human diet during the Agricultural Revolution, which is a long time ago in history textbooks, but very recent in terms of evolution.
Nutrient-dense foods that are encouraged on the Paleo diet include meat (preferably from grass-fed animals or wild-caught fish), eggs, healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds, non-starchy vegetables of all kinds, and fruits in moderation. The Paleo Food List goes into more detail about the kinds of foods allowed on a Paleo diet plan.Since the Paleo diet community is so large and various, different Paleo diet plans emphasize different foods.

Some focus on a high-protein diet with adequate fat; others promote a high-fat diet with adequate protein. The original Paleo diet guide by Loren Cordain forbids all dairy, but more lenient Paleo-style diets (for example, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Diet) allow dairy in moderation, especially raw and unpasteurized dairy from grass-fed animals.Despite these variations, however, Paleo diet guides have more similarities than differences – at the end of the day, we’re all shopping in the same 10% of the grocery store.
Since switching to a Paleo diet plan is such a major life change, making the change in a way that you’re comfortable with will set you up for a much smoother transition, and put you on the path to long-term success.If you’re happier making gradual changes, you can start in one of two ways.
The first way is to focus on one meal every day (for example, you might keep your old diet for breakfast and lunch, but switch to a completely Paleo dinner).
The second way is to focus on replacing just one food group (for example, you could start by eliminating gluten from your diet).
After a week or two, move on to the next until you’ve completely switched over to the Paleo Food List.These methods give you a chance to adjust slowly, but some people are more comfortable ripping off the Band-Aid all at once.
If you’re the only person in your household who’s making the switch to Paleo, ask your family to keep all their non-Paleo foods in a special drawer (or section of the fridge, or shelf in the pantry). Once you learn to cook, you can add more utensils as you want them.Paleo Cooking TipsCooking Paleo doesn’t have to be complicated. Many Paleo food blogs include mouthwatering pictures of beautifully arranged meals, but don’t feel discouraged if your dinners don’t look like magazine photos.If you have about $20 to spare, the easiest way of getting started with Paleo cooking is with a slow-cooker. When you’re cooking, remember to use oils on the Paleo Food List (not vegetable oils like canola or peanut oil) – coconut oil is best for higher heats, while olive oil is more appropriate as a salad dressing.Basic cooking methods will give you food that’s nutritious and fairly tasty, but to take any Paleo meal from acceptable to awesome, look no further than your spice rack. All kinds of spices are encouraged on the Paleo diet: try garlic and basil for a foolproof combination with almost any meat, or branch out into more exciting ethnic flavors (curry powder and paprika for an Indian dinner, or ginger for an Asian-inspired stir fry) for a new twist on basic foods.
Experiment with different combinations – a fun challenge is to bring home a new spice every week, and figure out a way to use it before your next grocery trip.Paleo Success TipsSuccess with the Paleo diet takes a lot of effort. Family dinners and eating out can be very draining until everyone gets used to your new Paleo diet plan.

If someone starts to pressure you to eat something that isn’t on your plan, a simple “No thank you” followed by a change of subject is perfectly acceptable. Some people just aren’t ready to change their diet habits, and by justifying your actions, you’re giving them the opening to argue with you. Write down your grocery lists, schedule time for grocery shopping and food preparation, and use the 1 Month Paleo Diet Menu to help you stay on track.Keep it interesting. Even the most motivated and enthusiastic Paleo dieter would get bored after a week straight of chicken and broccoli.
Learn from your mistakes and move on.Paleo ResourcesOne of the great parts of the Paleo diet is the company – people on a Paleo diet plan are usually very friendly and helpful to newcomers, and happy to share whatever lessons they’ve learned from their own experiences. The blog isn’t light reading by any means, but if you have an afternoon to dedicate to the latest in ancestral health research, it’s a fascinating treasure trove of information.The Perfect Health Diet – the Perfect Health diet is a slight variation of the Paleo diet that allows more starches and slightly less protein. The authors have even written a children’s cookbook, Eat Like a Dinosaur!Whole 9 Life – run by Paleo power couple Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, Whole 9 Life is dedicated to helping everyone, everywhere, eat a whole, Paleo diet. The Whole30 is the Hartwigs’ Paleo bootcamp – strict, no-excuses Paleo for 30 days straight.Robb Wolf’s site includes a wealth of information on Paleo diet, lifestyle, and fitness, written by a former athlete and student of Loren Cordain. If you have a very specific question that isn’t answered in any blog article, or you just want to meet and talk to like-minded people, Paleohacks is a great place to hang out.Good luck!A Paleo diet guide can help you get started, but ultimately the commitment to a healthier way of eating has to come from within. The process can be tough, but the results are worth it, and if you need a hand up along the way, the Paleo community is full of friendly, supportive people to help you stay on track.

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