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Author: admin, 20.06.2013
There’s a lot of focus these days on the Paleo Diet – essentially eat what the cavemen (hunter-gatherers) ate. But if you really want to embrace the Paleo lifestyle, than I think we should have a Paleo Exercise Plan (trademark Ariana Dane, 2014 – wink). Try spending just one weekend day outdoors pretending you’re a hunting paleoperson (yes I made that word up). Kendall Jenner stays supermodel skinny with a low carb Paleo style diet featuring high-quality proteins, vegetables, fruit and 12 cups of detox green tea a day, Celebrity Health & Fitness reported. For snacks, Kendall, 18, eats Paleo-approved low-sugar fruits like apples and strawberries and avoids processed junk food.
Jenner said her beauty secret, in addition to the Paleo diet and regular exercise, is getting plenty of sleep. Kendall's sister Kim Kardashian lost 56 pounds on a low carb, high-fat ketogenic-style Atkins diet that limited her daily carb intake to less than 60 grams. Other celebrities who follow the Paleo diet include Megan Fox, who lost all her baby weight in record time with the low-carb eating plan and Tim McGraw, who credits the Paleo diet and CrossFit for his jaw-dropping 40-pound weight loss.
I've already shared with you all that my family and I have embarked on a paleo adventure this year.

The same friend that mentioned the gluten-thyroid connection is a paleo chick, so I asked her some questions. I have lost weight while continuing my regular workout routine  - exercise 3 to 4 times a week. I’ve never tried paleo (I eat mostly vegan) but I do know how hard it is to give up the things you did for this month. I’m actually on day 3 now of no sugar, alcohol or caffeine for 1 month and then I will go back to a more balanced diet but I want to finally kick my sugar addiction! As you all should know about me by now, I do not use the word diet as it implies temporary. The premise being that you are physically on the move 8-10 hours a day, not exercising, but physically taxing and challenging your body.
Kendall doesn't follow a ketogenic diet because she doesn't need to lose weight, but sticks to a Paleo inspired diet that limits carbs and processed foods.
Going out to dinner and finding something that fits within the parameters of the challenge and paleo diet is very difficult.
I’m semi paleo as I still eat rice and beans but no gluten and mosty vegetables and fruits and meat proteins.

You may also have heard me issuing slight criticism over the “Paleo Diet” as I see many pinned recipes on pinterest being for “paleo cookies or desserts.” Hate to break it to you, but the aforementioned cro-Magnons did NOT eat chocolate (or bacon which seems to be on a lot of Paleo meal plans). I call it the “21st Century Human-Being Lifestyle.” If there’s something you really want (like a cookie) have one, but don’t go to all the trouble to make it Paleo, just have ONE wonderful Nestles Tollhouse cookie and move on. This is how to be healthy and happy and not beholden to a trend that next year will be discarded for the newer, fresher, equally more ridiculous fad.  Okay I’m getting off my soapbox now, but not before I do 25 step ups! I figure if 90 percent of the time I follow the paleo diet and 10 percent of the time I let real life in – dinner parties at friends’ houses, enjoying a meal at a favorite restaurant, a dessert to celebrate something special – then I think I’ll be doing pretty well.
And I exercised for at least 10 minutes every day (a heck of a lot more than that on most days).
When my boyfriend and I did P90X in 2011 we both followed the diet to a T for the first month (with one cheat meal) and it was SO hard, especially at social situations (once we awkwardly just drank water when we went to a birthday party which was a champagne brunch buffet…). Paleo is such a hard change but once you make the change, it's hard to go back and the results are indisputable.

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