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NAME OF PRODUCT: First, name your product with either a “Standard of identity” name, the common or usual name of the food or an appropriately descriptive term.
SERVING SIZE: Once you have completed your full nutrition panel, you must determine the serving size.
For more information about labeling cheese products, visit the Vermont Department of Agriculture. As Non-GMO labeling debates line the airwaves,  cultural norms take a massive shift towards more natural food alternatives. That is a question that has raised a lot of attention from not only food producers, but also health food retail buyers and the Food & Drug Administration labeling guidelines department. In short, the Food & Drug Administration is looking for ways to tighten the health food compliance guidelines and differentiate health options from those masking themselves as mindful choices when they are in fact loaded with sugar and byproducts. While it is important for producers to understand what types of health food factors influence buying decisions, it is imperative that they also understand what constitutes a valid health food claim and how to properly label their products. Home Producers are sprouting up all over the United States, due to Cottage Food Laws, a law allowing low-risk bakery products to be manufactured in domestic homes, for consumption and distribution to the general marketplace.
Farmers markets and local farm stands are the perfect outlet for new to market producers to test out their products and variable label designs. Cottage Food Laws require producers to apply for the permission to manufacture baked goods in their home.  Once approved, producers must abide by specific label requirements. In addition to meeting Cottage Food Laws, producers must also meet the FDA label requirements, especially when making product claims like “Low Fat” or “Organic”.
About the presenter:  Alicia Baker, Marketing Coordinator with ImageTek Labels, works closely with food and beverage producers all over the country to meet label and nutrition compliance standards set forth by the FDA and other third party sources. Producers are challenged with not only creating a label that provides brand identity and shelf appeal but also contains all the necessary components of a proper nutrition label.

The Full Format Nutrition Facts panel must be used on packages where the available labeling space is greater than 40 square inches. To learn more about having cheese label preprinted for wax and non wax coated products, contact ImageTek Labels.
In addition to these buying trends, many consumers find themselves shopping at specialty health food stores in an attempt to introduce themselves to more mindful products and a wider variety of health food options. With more products making nutritional value claims, using labeling terms like Fat-Free, Light and All Natural, the label guru’s at the FDA realize that not all these claims do in-fact mean healthier food alternatives. By doing so, not only are health food producers better able to design labels that help them sell their products but they are able to identify fraudulent products that might be intruding on their market share.
Not long ago consumers would see labels that claimed milk would “prevent osteoporosis” and “ensure strong bones”.
In addition to listing the required FDA information, the label must identify the product and ideally, set the product apart in the marketplace.
This gives you the advantage of trying different designs and choosing the labels that sell your products! That means your labels will stand up to the sun, heat, and moisture that are common among seasonal Farmers Markets. For more information about FDA label regulations click here.  It is important to remember that if a health claim is being made, all of the products nutritional information must be listed on the label, at all times.
By following these guidelines, you will be able to produce a cheese product label that will meet food safety requirements with ease. In the long run, the more producers know and understand health food labeling guidelines, the easier it will be to communicate superior products to a health conscience audience.
Unfortunately, consumers are learning that those claims don’t always mean a more healthy food product.

The FDA has cracked down on these nutritional labels claims, mandating that health food labels use words like “may, could or might” on their labels to avoid giving the impression that their products alone are capable of overall better health or disease prevention. Today, the same milk producers have traded in these broad label claims for more model statements like “adequate calcium throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet” and “may reduce the risk of osteoporosis”.
That is why making sure you label your baked goods correctly and have a label design that ‘pops’ is crucial.
A semisoft cheese spiced or flavored standardized cheeses should be labeled with the spice at the beginning or the end of the cheese name. If there is less than 40 square inches of label space, the following are allowed in descending order of preference. The name of the product must be in a type size that is 50 % the height of the largest print on the label and generally parallel to the base of the package. Any optional ingredients that are required to be declared on the label should not be given greater prominence than the name of the food. Food ingredients such as garlic, onion and celery cannot be included under the collective term “spice.” They must be listed individually. Please note that cheese companies in particular are using the linear format with increasing frequency because they prefer how it looks on the label. Remember that Nutrition Facts panels are based on the total available labeling space on the package.

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