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Author: admin, 08.08.2013
There has been a significant rise in the past decade or so of the use of natural focus and concentration booster supplements to improve an individuals ability to stay alert for longer periods of time.
Focus booster supplements will have a number of different types of brain booster vitamins and brain enhancing amino acids in them. Since most of the more effective brain supplements for improving concentration have a set of several natural focus booster vitamins in them , it is difficult to establish which of them is the most active focus booster or whether it’s the combination of some of them that are producing the overall result. This article digests existing research and highlights 4 of the most effective focus and concentration boosting ingredients to look for when considering using a natural supplement to improve your attention span.
Anecdotal evidence backs up the clinical studies and demonstrates that Acetyl- L Carnitine does improve concentration and mental focus very quickly.
A lot of recent research has focused on natural focus booster herbs like Gingko Biloba, the leaf of the ginkgo tree, which is native to China and one of the oldest plants in the world. Improving concentration and attention span in older adults : Studies show that taking ginkgo leaf extract significantly improves the attention span and ability to concentrate in elderly people with mild to moderate age-related memory loss or thinking problems. The regular use of Ginkgo leaf extract has been shown to improve short-term visual memory and speed of mental processing in individuals suffering from memory loss.

Boosting memory performance  , brain function, and mental energy in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. L-Theanine is typically extracted from green tea and works by effectively crossing the blood-brain barrier and increasing GABA and dopamine levels in the brain. Many users report that by combining L- Theanine extract with coffee they notice a considerable improvement in the quality and depth of their thinking only after an hour or two  and are able to sustain focus and concentration for longer periods of time. A new study from Japan shows that taking daily supplements containing L-Theanine may also help people with anxiety, focus on their daily activities. Hi Chris , All our supplements are natural amino acid based formulas so it is perfectly safe to take them together .They are designed to work well in tandem . These vitamins and amino acids work together as a catalyst for increasing neurotransmitter activity which in turn improves concentration span and memory recall. It works as a brain booster by helping maintain the health and functionality of brain cells, one recent study found that people with early signs of dementia and mild memory impairment benefited from low to medium doses  of Acetyl-L-Carnitine over a relatively short period of time. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is widely used in Europe to treat Altzheimer’s and other memory loss related diseases. Taking just a small dose of Acetyl-L-Carnitine has shown exponential improvements in blood flow in the brains of people who have a history of poor concentration and attention span.

It may also work as an effective brain booster in healthy people and as a result DMAE is found in only the more effective supplements for focus and concentration improvement. Recent Swiss research showed increased  memory and thinking skills among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease after just 2 months of use. A number of research studies in Europe , Canada and Japan are demonstrating that L-Theanine supplementation with coffee can significantly improve the attention spans of adults over a relatively short time frame. Ginkgo has been shown to significantly improve memory recall and speed of mental processing in individuals who show no signs of memory loss. DMAE  appears to facilitate more acetylcholine in the brain which in turn impacts positively on the brains ability to concentrate and retain information for longer periods of time. These studies evidence the effectiveness of combining L- Theanine extract with coffee to deliver an alert and focused mind with exceptional depth and quality of thinking.

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