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Author: admin, 11.05.2014
Researchers have previously tried to explain the relatively shorter breast-feeding period of humans based on social and behavioral theories of parenting and family size.But the Lund group has now shown that the young of all species stop suckling when their brains have reached a particular developmental stage.
Contrary to popular opinion, the Paleo diet does not consist of bacon, pork rinds and rawhide. The difference is that carnivores – categorised as species for which at least 20 per cent of the energy content of their diet comes from meat – reach this point earlier than herbivores or omnivores due to their higher quality diet. Having been on those fat-villifying Weight Watchers-style diets for a decade, this was emotionally freeing for me.

Therefore, the different weaning times for humans and the great apes seems to result simply from the fact that, as a species, humans are carnivores, whereas gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees are herbivores or omnivores. Someone who lives on the Paleo diet consumes all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, but avoids foods that must be processed for consumption, or anything that our early ancestors would not have found in nature.
The Paleo diet does not include any grains like wheat, soy or corn, or any milk products (cheese, yogurt, cream). I do want to eventually put different meats on my menu though, like buffalo, ostrich and rabbit, but those items take more effort to find around here.

The reason some people believe the Paleo diet is healthier to humans is because it utilizes a lot of good fats, high-quality calories and nutrient-dense food choices.
I didn’t want to hate this diet and decide to quit halfway, so I added in some allowances that made me happy.

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