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A traditional food diet is one that is made up of foods that are in their most natural state; unadulterated and unrefined. Other especially nutrient dense foods include raw butter from grass-fed cows, raw milk, and green leafy vegetables. Our bodies have evolved to eat whole foods over millions of years while manufactured and processed foods have only been around for a couple hundred years.
The healthy diets for kids described above are all very similar from the point of view that the emphasize natural, unadulterated foods that we have been eating for thousands of years.

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For this reason, we recommend an organic diet as one of our healthy diets for kids. Pesticides are up to ten times more toxic to children than adults due to their smaller body size and developing organ systems. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon for more information about healthy fats versus trans fats. Still used in most processed and packaged foods, the problem with partial hydrogenation is that it severely damages the original oil.

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