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Author: admin, 12.06.2013
7 Day Jump Start – The 7 day Jump Start is a simple to follow lifestyle nutrition plan with 7 detailed days that will teach you the basics and help you lose 5 lbs during your first week!
The 4 Week Jump Start Program- The 10 day Jump Start is more detailed program that is also VERY simple to follow.
THE 12 WEEK SUPER SHRED PROGRAM – The 12 Week Super Shred program is an information packed program that will teach you everything you need to know and do to get in the BEST shape of you life in 12 weeks. It comes with the Super Shred Program, over 100 workout tear sheets, over 50 instructional workout demo videos, and full nutritional planning for 12 weeks. Stay Lean Recipe Book Volume 2 – This gluten free, sugar free and dairy free recipe book makes it hard to believe you are eating healthy!

This plan is the same as above, but it includes a WEEKLY scheduled call with me for a month (4 weeks total) and open text and e-mail communication for 4 weeks to help keep YOU accountable.
I found Natalie Jill on Facebook and have loved her programs, advice, and workouts ever since!
Natalie is also an author and speaker who frequently helps others define, grow and monetize their brand in the online space. It is a lifestyle nutrition plan with 4 weeks of detailed menus, grocery list, a four week workout plan, hand outs to keep you on track and lot’s of information to help keep you motivated! This program will teach you the basics and help you lose 5 lbs during your first week and 10-12 lbs during your first four weeks!

April had a tremendous success on 4 week jump start and she is now working towards STRONGER. By our wedding I was 3 weeks into the program and had shed a consistent 6 to 7 pounds and many inches!

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