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Author: admin, 06.08.2014
Now if you're kind of new to strength training, a whole body workout where all of your muscles are trained in a single session at the gym is recommended. After you've gotten your abdominal training out of the way, your body will be pretty well warmed up.
For Workout 1, after you've warmed up with abs training, begin the routine with lower body exercises including squats and deadlifts.

Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses and power cleans are all outstanding exercises for building strength. Workout 2 is exactly the opposite, beginning with upper body exercises (incline press, military press and power cleans) and finished off with lower body movements (rack deadlifts and leg presses). In addition to building endurance and overall fitness, you'll need at least 48 hours to completely recover from this full-body strength training session.

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