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Make-Ahead: The beef filling and sauce can be prepared through step #5 and refrigerated in separate containers for up to 2 days. It’s been far too long since I’ve had enchiladas, and these are giving me an undeniable craving!
I made these last night, but doubled the recipe (half for my family, half for a potluck at work) including the amount of chili it called for, not realizing that I’d purchased a super spicy-hot chili. Didnt use the full lot of beef filling and enchilada sauce, so I put them in seperate containers and I’m going to freeze them. Hi Ahlania, I think you could do ground turkey but it would obviously change the taste and texture of the recipe.
This plate served family style has a variety of enchiladas using green, red, tomato, mole, bean, pipian and cream salsas. Now, Enchiladas rojas can be made using many different types of peppers, with spices or without spices. Ingredients:1 whole chicken (makes 15 - 18 enchiladas) or5-6 thighs (9 - 12 enchiladas)Corn tortillasvegetable oil12 oz. This recipe has definitely earned itself a spot in my list of favorite go-to recipes, and is absolutely one that I will be making again and again. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over top of the enchiladas, cover the baking dish with foil and bake for 25 minutes.
Prepare the rest of the recipe as directed, increasing the covered baking time by 5 minutes.
Most recipes I see call for flour tortillas and I recently had to go gluten free so my brain goes in to substitution mode…. I’ve been making enchiladas for years but have never used slow-cooked beef like this for filling, yum!! I have a weakness for mexican food and when I saw a 30 minute prep time I was totally sold.

We bought a chuck roast, multiplied the rest of the recipe to match the larger piece of meat, then cooked the whole thing in the crockpot overnight. I can’t handle the heat, but my husband and son can, and they really liked this enchilada recipe … in fact, I got FOUR thumbs up!
You can play around with the amount of peppers, using more ancho peppers than guajillo or even making the sauce using just one of the peppers in the recipe until you find the taste that you and your family enjoy better. Once roasted, place them in a saucepan with water and turn the heat to medium and simmer for about 15 minutes or when they look soft. To assemble the enchiladas, first place the filling in the center of the tortilla and fold it. Use the same frying pan where you fried the enchiladas to lightly fry the potatoes, adding a little more oil. It is an ingredient which pairs well with the assertive, sometimes spicy flavors of Mexican food as you will see here. I bought stew meat cut the fat off seared the fat in the pan tossed it in the trash and after the sauce was prepared I boiled the stew meat in the sauce when it was finished I separated chopped and stuffed the tortillas. I love making enchiladas but have never been completely satisfied with the outcome and I’ve been doing this for years.
Many recipes and restaurants use flour but corn is THE authentic type to use for enchiladas! Now I not only know what meat to use but also and oh so important HOW TO MAKE MY OWN SAUCE. They're especially good with butter, honey, and brown sugar.I just have to make sure my family doesn't find out I stopped using the family tortilla recipe! Pour the remaining sauce evenly over the enchiladas and spread to ensure that all of the ends are covered in sauce.
BTW, I have always rolled enchiladas the old fashioned way…briefly frying each corn tortilla in oil, draining, then dipping each one in sauce before rolling.

After asking several cooks about their preferences on peppers for the sauce, most of them use a combination of Ancho and Guajillo Peppers.
I found myself craving them recently, and was in dire need of an awesome, authentic-tasting recipe to make at home.
Try making this next time you have some pork roast on hand (and yes, it is worth cooking a pork roast for if you do not have any leftovers handy).Boneless pork roast is the key ingredient in this tasty Mexican dish, and the meat is complemented with a variety of spices. It's razor sharp and lightweight.At this point you can start assembling your chicken enchiladas. The pork and lime are combined with the spices and seasonings to make the enchilada filling, and then you can fill the tortillas with this mixture, top them with cheese and enchilada sauce, and bake them.
One bite of these will have you hooked on the magnificent pork flavor, and you will love how the meat combines with the south of the border spices.If you are looking for something brand new to impress your family at dinner time, consider making this lovely pork recipe. Whether you use leftover pork or cook some from fresh, the results are sure to be impressive, and anyone will be able to rustle up this typical Mexican dish with ease, combining the ingredients to make something authentic and hearty, something which is definitely going to satisfy every belly at the dinner table.These are nice served hot with salsa and lime wedges or you could offer sour cream, shredded cheese (either Mexican, Cheddar, or some kind of blend) or anything else you like on the side.
Pico de gallo, which is like salsa but with bigger chunks and less juice, also goes beautifully with any kind of enchiladas, so you might wish to prepare some of that.
PrintEnchiladas de PuercoSummary: Pork roast combines with cheese, chilies and spices to make this wonderful enchiladas recipe.
If you would prefer to use a different main ingredient, the same recipe can be used with other meats or with an entirely vegetarian filling, if desired.

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