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Author: admin, 04.09.2013
Candida cleanse diet foods is often recommended by some of complementary and alternative medicine experts. Naturally those Candida albicans grow in our digestive tract, the presence of those microorganism is controlled by natural body self defense through beneficial probiotic bacteria and the immune system.
What the expert said about candida cleanse diet foods, unfortunately isn’t supported by much scientific evidences. They believe that the overgrowth of Candida albicans, the fungus-like microorganism or commonly called as yeast syndrome may cause symptoms such as headache, fatigue, sinus congestion, depression, craving for sweet, poor memory and concentration, and mood swings. If, some how the body immune system interrupts or those “good bacteria” decrease for any reason, the Candida yeast may grows beyond normal level and may start to trigger some problems. They also believe that the overgrowth of candida yeast in human intestine may radiate and penetrate the intestinal wall and creating an allergic reaction.
The population of probiotic bacteria can extremely decrease when someone use antibiotics, antacids, anti-ulcer medication and steroid for prolonged time.

The expert believes those who have Candida overgrowth may also be sensitive to other fungi.
In general what was suggested by the alternative medicine practitioner who believes on candida cleanse diet is lead to health body condition. Besides drugs base medication, Candida cleanse diet foods also strongly suggested as a part of candida yeast medication. Crook, in his book “The Yeast Connection”, he said that sugar promotes Candida albicans growth. Someone with Candida attack should also avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, energy drink, sport drink, and tea.
By creating healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy foods and regular exercise, it can boost our immune systems and finally can manage the overgrowth of those Candida albicans. Besides sugar, the total carbohydrates intake, especially the simple form one, should also decrease.

Caffeine can elevate blood sugar and causes stress on adrenal glands resulting weak immune system. Low carbohydrates foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken and nuts are strongly recommended. Other foods contain molasses, honey, syrup, artificial sweeteners, yacon syrup and coconut sugar should also be avoided.

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