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Author: admin, 13.07.2014
A report published in the December, 2002 issues of Archives of Dermatology reveals that the root cause of acne may be the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates specially of having high glycemic index.
Following foods are high glycemic and eating these foods can potentially increase the risks of getting acne breakouts. The western diet consists of around 60% of high glycemic carbohydrates that rapidly increase the production of insulin, testosterone and sebum.

These foods not only cause acne, but they have been leading factors of obesity, high cholesterol levels and stress. Low glycemic diet produce small fluctuation in your glucose level while high glycemic diet produces large fluctuation. Excessive production of sebum results in clogged, infected and inflamed hair follicles.Milk although falls under medium glycemic indexed dietary substance, studies show that it is one of the leading causes of acne breakouts.

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