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Author: admin, 28.08.2015
It's here in the US where Cinco de Mayo has become a holiday, and an opportunity to celebrate Mexican heritage (and food!).
All that to say that I feel entirely justified sharing these not-in-the-least-bit Mexican jalapeno poppers with you today. Totally American and perhaps even just a little bit cheesy (both literally and figuratively!), they're still a great party food and will go perfectly with your favorite margarita (yet another slightly-Mexican thing that became bigger than the original when it hit the US--we just really like to run with things here). I've made jalapeno poppers before, but these are my low-carb version, and I actually like them even better!

Like all my entertaining recipes, these can be prepared several hours in advance and kept in the fridge until your guests arrive, and then simply baked for about 20 minutes. The truth is the day--which actually commemorates Mexico's win in a minor battle against the French--is barely acknowledged south of the Rio Grande! MUCH better than the high-maintenance fried recipes, which require you to hover over a fryer or pot of hot oil.
You could save carbs and money by using canned tomato sauce instead and add a little taco seasoning.

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