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Author: admin, 24.08.2013
It is important to noted that food containing white flour and sugar are not allowed in low carb diet.
This book went on to sell over 15 million copies and prompted the birth of a multitude of low-carb diet spinoffs. Atkins’ line of thinking started back in the mid 20th century, when processed foods became exceedingly popular. Yet, despite this insistence on consuming lower amounts of fat, obesity rates continued to surge. This lead Atkins to postulate that it was not fat that was primarily responsible for weight gain, but that carbs were the culprits. After conducting some short-term research studies and seeing positive weight loss results, he came to the conclusion that the ideal diet was high in protein and high in fat, while low in carbohydrates.

In simple terms, when we consume carbohydrates, they get broken down into glucose which is absorbed into the blood stream. The problem is, many low-carb advocates (but not all) use this as evidence that all carbohydrates are bad. Instead of emphasizing the dangers of refined carbohydrates, they emphasize the avoidance of all carbs, including those from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. I’ve continuously advocated a high-nutrient density diet, where the majority of calories come from unrefined plant foods, because the bulk of the scientific evidence says it promotes weight-loss and prevents disease. Since most plant foods are high in carbs, this diet could get anywhere from 60-80% of its calories from carbohydrates.
Therefore, reducing all carb intake means reducing intake of plant foods and increasing intake of animal products, hence promoting a low nutrient density diet.

The Evidence A quick glance at the scientific literature seems to suggest that a low-carb diet is beneficial. This is problematic because the average Western person consumes a lot of refined carbs, so eliminating those would most definitely be beneficial.

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