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Author: admin, 15.12.2013
Let’s consider some factors on why a Low Carbohydrate Diet may be unnecessary and even detrimental to one’s health. Definitely cutting back on the ‘wrong’ kinds of Carbohydrates such as Cakes, Confectioneries, Bread, Polished rice and the like will be mandatory for weight-loss, but replacing them with high protein foods is- just as from the points above-unnecessary and actually harmful for overall health and fitness.
Keep in mind that the type of items you buy will vary based on your approach to clean, low carb foods.
Diabetes entered our life in December, which has prompted us to learn more about eating a low-carb diet. The goal is to keep blood sugar even by eating a balance of foods at regular intervals, limiting bad carbs as much as possible, and watching the quantities of good carbs. I have customized a grocery shopping list, removing the things with carbs that we plan to cut out like potatoes and rice. That’s 380 calories, 17 g fat, 48 g carbs, 4 g protein, or 42% fat, 53% carbs, 5% protein!

When the average person embarks on a diet or fitness regimen in the aim of losing weight or building muscle mass, what they are usually instructed to do is to eat lots of protein and go on a low carbohydrate diet to accomplish either of the goals.
For example, chicken can be purchased as a whole bird to ensure you get the most fat for eating more of a Keto low carb diet.
I had of course heard of low-carb and the Atkins diet before, but found it all too confusing. Usually we are busy and want to run into the store with our list, grab what we need and go. There are still some things with carbs on there, because I just don’t think I can exist without crackers, and a few other things like cereal and salty snack foods. These refined carbohydrates are not only higher in sugar and significantly lower in nutrients and fiber than whole foods, but they also break down more rapidly into glucose and enter your bloodstream far faster than vegetables and other good carbs.
Jaime said our bodies need some of the good carbs, it’s a matter of how much and a balance with protein and veggies.

But if you prefer a lower fat list, then opt for things like boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
It can be hard to see the labels in a store, so it can be helpful to look things up online at Calorie Counter  (You can find nutrition labels for some brand names here.) First look at the serving size, then the grams of carb.
Although, I will say that if you are eating low carb, you most likely want and need more fat. You will be amazed at how many carbs are in some things, and at the variation between brands. A low-carb diet has the additional benefit of weight control, and is generally a good choice for those looking for a healthy diet.

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