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Author: admin, 06.01.2014
Combine all dry ingredients together and rub butter and copha into the flour between your fingers until it forms a breadcrumb consistency.
If you wanted a lower fat version of these, replace with sour cream with 1 egg white and replace butter with a lower fat version. Low carb can be expensive, not just buying fancy low carb products, but just buying the fresh healthy food we love to eat on a low carb diet. I could have listed 50 products as we have so many great products that open up the low carb food world again. LC Foods continue to bring us better and better availability to the most amazing low carb foods. We have found that this flour doesn’t thicken dishes, so for this we use Bakesquick. As I wipe the crumbs of low carb garlic bread off my lap I realise just how satisfying my low carb life has become. Low Carb Central are nothing short of thrilled to announce the new LC Foods low carb white bread flour has arrived in stock. This low carb bread flour makes delicious bread, bread rolls, crackers, hot dog rolls and works as a great plain flour replacement.
With the new LC Pie Crust Flour we have in, I’ve been experimenting with lots of different ideas.
Part of the first big LC Foods order arrived today and in it was some of the LC Pie Crust and Biscuit Flour. I cooked up some mince, steak, onion, beef stock and herbs and spices for the low carb filling, as well as a separate chicken and vege mix without any high carb vegies in it for some single serve low carb pies.
An exciting day to be a low carber in Australia – the first of the LC Foods wonderful products have started arriving. Ohh to think of all the things I would like to make if only I had access to low carb flour.

This recipe is ideal for those on a low carb diet, including diabetics; it satisfies that cheeseburger craving that some of us get every now and then!
Press down to flatten slightly and place in the extra xylitol, pressing down lightly to coat the biscuits.
Cook’s note: These biscuits are good served plain with a cup of tea or coffee, but they are very crumbly, so handle with care. Read more about TASTE's Food Editor Abigail Donnelly's low-carb, high fat biscuits for keeping sugar cravings at bay. Nothing excites Woolworths TASTE's Food Editor quite as much as the challenge of dreaming up recipes with innovative new foods – or the thrill of creating deliciousness on a plate with the humblest of ingredients.
Carbalose flour and Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix are both now in stock and ready for your baking pleasure. Who would have thought by being able to make these in a low carb version that I would be eating them 3 meals a day!
These low carb sausage rolls are just one of the things I have come up with once I came up with low carb pastry. We had used this in our testing to make low carb pies and found them so good we were excited to make more.
You can believe you are eating pizza if you close your eyes, think of a far away land and try to pick up your cauliflower base filled with yummy pizza toppings as it falls apart and you get pizza topping all over your hand.
After trying them ourselves a few weeks ago with a large test order we did, we were blown away by how great the product were. People tend to miss out on so many things on a low carb diet, and the traditional meat pie is just one of these since low carb flour has been missing in the past. To add a little creaminess, pipe or spread some full-cream cream cheese over them and serve with fresh raspberries. These can be made as a plain biscuit, or you can add the cheddar and garlic for a low carb garlic cheddar biscuit.

The Americans use these as a side dish with their roasts (amazing dipped in gravy), or they make larger ones and use them as a sandwich biscuit. In America, biscuits are a bakery item kind of like a scone, but a less fluffy, savoury, crunchy version. This mix makes a delicious fresh loaf of low carb bread (that you wouldn’t know is low carb), or can be used for a myriad of other low carb recipes. The low carb flour range we have recently started stocking mean a lot of new and exciting low carb meals open up to us again.
Last time none made it to the freezer so I was determined this time to make sure I made a really big batch so I could grab some out for a quick and easy low carb dinner.
With the new low carb flours we have ordered (pizza and bagel flour and white bread flour), I made the most delicious and seemingly naughty meals a low carber could want. Take a look at our amazing low carb meat pie, made with LC Foods Pie Crust and Biscuit Flour .
Either way, these biscuits get a massive thumbs up from us at Low Carb Central – we adore them! LC Foods don’t believe in low carbers missing out on anything either and they have created a low carb flour for making low carb pizza bases, bagels and calzones. We have started with the basics and will add on a few new product lines each time we order. Well other than the fact I had never made breadrolls before, let alone low carb breadrolls with a flour I had only used twice before!

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