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Bento boxes are filled with playful designs of nutritious foods, presented in a variety of flavors, shapes and colors. A daily low carb Bento box, filled with delicious energy-packed foods is crucial for on-the-go low carb eating. This energetic, pre-packed meal allows low carbers the freedom to eat low carb away from home, in a visually beautiful way. Break free from your typical boxed lunch and try some gourmet low carb foods arranged in unexpected ways.
Making low carb Bento is a unique family cooking activity, and an excellent way to encourage kids to enjoy healthy, low carb food choices. Creating a special lunchbox is a great way to surprise your child, and a way to sneak in a few vegetables.

Chopped vegetables with olive oil and shredded cheese is a unique low carb substitute for rice. Chopped squash and onion salads, seafood salads and shredded cooked meats are easily molded into fun shapes, and keep their form once refrigerated. Tamagoyaki is a low-calorie Japanese omelet filled with healthy vegetables and high quality protein. Hands down, broccoli is the most versatile, delicious and highly nutritious vegetable to use for low carb Bento designs.
Fruits offer valuable nutritional and vitamin C benefits, and should occasionally appear in the low carb Bento box.
The empty spaces in the low carb Bento box are for the fillers: sauces, small vegetables and shaped or rolled lettuces.

A single slice of fruit is low carb diet friendly and doubles as a sweet finish to any meal.
Red and orange foods such as cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks are easy finger foods that add an instant accent of color anywhere in the box.
Seaweed enhances the nutritional value of the meal by adding essential amino acids and vitamin C.

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