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Author: admin, 14.10.2014
Choosing low calorie snacks will minimize the effect that between-meal munching will have on your diet.
Low calorie diet plans often focus on minimizing every calorie with less consideration of the nutritional value of food items. Empty calories, even those present in low-calorie foods, fail to nourish the body and tend to leave you looking for more. Lay a slice of deli ham or turkey on top and smear with a small amount of mustard or low-fat dip.

Move away from artificial sweeteners and imitation butter and enjoy the natural flavor of these natural, nutritious snack options. When you choose foods that are both low in calories and high in nutrition, you feel full and satisfied without constantly moving from one snack to the next. This is entirely different from the snacking you might do while watching a movie or playing at the beach with the kids. Identifying your reason for snacking will help you zero in on which of the following types of snacks will satisfy your craving and let you get on with your day.

Berries, melons, and other fruits are a healthful choice to satisfy a sweet craving, and are naturally fat free and low in calories.

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