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Author: admin, 15.12.2014
Loose Skin is something we all fear when it comes to losing weight. In fact, many of us may already have it even before attempting our weight loss goals.
Before we  jump to the conclusion that you are doomed by loose skin, we must first get clear about some of the facts.
You may consider this picture quite hard at identifying a loose skin problem – I have to agree.
Having a little loose skin left over, a few scars and stretch marks left over is no big deal, when you know you have done the best you possibly can.
This is a less-than-glamorous side of weight loss surgery that is often not shown on here, and I thought I would share. Sharing what occurs in the process and afterward, embracing who you are, and who you have become and what you have accomplished is awesome! Whether it comes from  pregnancy, a genetic disadvantage or the result of carrying excess weight, it’s very important you know what to look for in these circumstances.

I was told by my Doctors that It was loose skin, and that going under the knife was the only option. The prodding, poking and pulling of my skin, along with the pen marks and photographs are experiences I will never forget. However, this was what I looked like, and it seemed no matter how much I exercised and dieted, this appearance would not resolve. Today, I’m now a weight loss coach, running my own company and helping others to accomplish their weight loss goals.
You, too, can make a difference in your appearance, and if having loose skin is something you have been dealt with, I want to remind of what is possible.
Yes, you will be advised to lift heavy weights, and you will be advised to supplement and change your diet a bit. To share the less glamorous side of weight loss surgery because if you have a LOT of weight to lose, you might end up with some of the following when you look in the mirror.

I lived with a muffin top figure for a few years after this, and had to deal with a lot of emotional issues regarding it. You look great though and I was very glad to read about the “loose skin” myth, because I was really thinking about that as well! And before I knew anything about the issues of loose skin, I was already getting feedback from family members and friends that I had it.

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