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Author: admin, 28.07.2015
It is enough to know that because of the different wavelengths of the sun's rays that are being reflected, different colored fruits and vegetables contain different types of antioxidants.
This is why blueberries are often praised as being a superfood, they are the only blue fruit OR vegetable under the sun.Getting nutrients from supplements is inadequate. There are so many different compounds in fruits and vegetables that aid in health, you cannot possibly reap the benefits from isolated nutrients without their digestive enzymes.

Because of the huge nutritional and caloric gain from sprouting legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains, consuming lots of sprouts is the cheapest way to eat healthy besides growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. Due to their lack of nutrients and the huge correlation between animal protein consumption and disease, they have no place in a healthy food list. If you want omega-3, flax seed has more than 9 times as much omega-3 as fish.When deciding what foods to add to your grocery list, it's good practice to buy at least one thing you have never tried before!

Super foods can be hard to find at the grocery store and tend to be overpriced at health food stores (especially spirulina).

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